Hajna O Moss Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Hajna O Moss

Hajna O Moss was born in 1963 in  New York. has been a familiar face in Hollywood for decades. With her talent, beauty, and charisma, she’s captured the hearts of many fans and critics alike. As she enters her 60s, she continues to shine in the entertainment industry, proving that age is a number. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall and her weight is 64kg.

She exudes confidence and grace in all she does. As of 2024, at the age of 61, we’ve estimated that Hajna’s net worth is $1 million. But beyond her work, she also values her family. It includes her husband and children. Get to know more about this talented and inspiring woman as we dive into her life and career in this blog post.

Who is Hajna O. Moss?

Hajna O. Moss is like a magician in the movie world. She can act and also helps to make movies. Imagine being able to pretend to be different people. Also, to create stories for others to enjoy. That’s what she does! She was born in a big city called New York, which is full of tall buildings and lots of people.

Hajna has been in movies that make us laugh and think. She has a special skill in bringing characters to life and telling stories that stick with us. like a painter uses brushes and colors, Hajna uses her acting and ideas to make movies that we love to watch.


Hajna O. Moss
Date of Birth
61 years old as of 2024
New York

Real Name

Many people know her as Hajna O. Moss, but did you know that’s her name for movies and shows? Like some superheroes, they have one name for saving the day and another at home. Hajna has her special name for when she’s making movie magic.

Actors and actresses often go by names that fans and friends can remember. So, when you hear “Hajna O. Moss,” think of it as her superhero name in the big world of movies. There, she brings stories to life and makes us smile with her talents.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Hajna O. Moss was a little girl, like any other. She was growing up in the big city of New York, filled with dreams and a big imagination. As a kid, she loved playing pretend. She imagined herself in different worlds and as different people.

This love for stories and acting helped her decide to become an actress. Hajna worked hard, going to auditions and learning how to be the best she could be. Her journey wasn’t easy. But, she kept trying. She knew that to make her dreams come true, she had to believe in herself and never give up.

Parents and siblings.

Hajna O. Moss grew up with her family in New York. She’s got a mom and a dad who always told her she could be anything she wanted when she grew up. Hajna also has brothers and sisters. They played together a lot, pretending to be in movies and telling each other stories.

Having a fun game of pretend with your brothers and sisters every day! That’s how Hajna started loving acting and making movies. Her family was her first audience, laughing and clapping for her. They’re very important to her and helped her dream big.


Hajna O. Moss has a husband, like in fairy tales where the princess finds her prince. They’ve decided to share their lives together because they care for each other a lot. Hajna O. Moss is the ex-wife of Laurence Fishburne’s.

That’s what Hajna found in her husband. Together, they are like a superhero team, facing the big adventure of life side by side. Like in stories, having someone special by your side makes every day a little brighter and a lot more fun.

Hajna O. Moss Children

Hajna O. Moss is not great at making movies, but she’s also a super mom! They have two children together: a son, Langston, born in 1987, and a daughter, Montana Fishburne, born in 1991. She has children. They think she’s the best because she can make them laugh and teach them about the world through her stories.

Her kids get to hear the coolest bedtime stories and learn how to dream big like their mom. They are her biggest fans and love to see her movies, cheering her on from the front row of their living room.

Hajna O. Moss Physical Attributes – Height and Weight

Hajna O. Moss is just the right size for an actress, like a princess in a fairy tale. She’s 5 feet 5 inches tall and her weight is 65kg.

If you had a big kitchen scale and put all those bags on it, that’s how much it would show. Hajna is just perfect for her roles in movies, like a puzzle piece that fits right.

Hajna O. Moss Breakthrough and Rise to fame.

Hajna O. Moss’s big moment came when she was in a movie called “Boomerang.” People everywhere watched her and said, “Wow, she’s good!” This movie was like finding a magic key that opened up a door to lots of other cool movies.

Finding a treasure chest in your backyard—that’s how exciting it was for Hajna! After that, everyone wanted her to be in their movies, and she got to tell more amazing stories. She became a star that shines in the sky, making everyone look up and notice how special she is.

Hajna O. Moss Career

Hajna O. Moss has a job where she gets to pretend to be different people. She helps create stories for movies, which is cool. She started acting in shows and movies, bringing all sorts of characters to life.

Playing dress-up and make-believe, but that’s what Hajna does as her job! That’s what Hajna does. She also helps make the movies, deciding what the story will be about and how it will look. She’s good at making pretend worlds feel real.

Hajna O. Moss Net Worth and Financial Success

Hajna O. Moss has a treasure chest like a pirate, filled with shiny coins and jewels. But instead of gold and diamonds, her treasure is money she’s earned from acting and making movies. She is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

Hajna O. Moss Famous Reason

Hajna O. Moss became super famous because she was in a movie called “Boomerang.” This movie was like a big party where everyone saw how awesome she can act. It’s like when you play a game and do a super good job, and everyone cheers for you. That’s what happened to Hajna!

People saw her in “Boomerang” and said, “Wow, she’s good!” Then, she got to be in more movies, showing her talent to the whole world. She’s like a star in the sky that got to shine super bright because of that movie.

Hajna O. Moss Nationality and religion.

Hajna O. Moss is from a place called New York, which is in a country named the United States. That makes her American. It’s like if you were born in a city and that city is part of a big place with lots of other cities, you belong to that big place.

People believe in different things and celebrate in many ways. It’s what makes each of us special in our own way, like different colors in a big, beautiful painting.

Hajna O. Moss Legacy and Impact

Hajna O. Moss has left sparkles in the movie world, like a fairy leaving pixie dust. She’s shown that being creative and working hard can make dreams come true. Because of her, many people – big and small – see that telling stories through movies is a magical thing.

Hajna made characters come to life, making us laugh and think. Her movies are like treasure maps that lead to fun adventures.

Hajna O. Moss Future Plains

Hajna O. Moss has big dreams for the future! like when you imagine becoming an astronaut or a superhero, Hajna has plans too. She wants to keep making movies that make people happy and think.

she’ll tell new stories we’ve never heard before or take us on adventures in places we’ve never seen. She might even be a character in a movie that someone hasn’t made yet! like you dream about what you want to be when you grow up, Hajna is dreaming about her next big movie.


  • Hajna O. Moss loves doing fun activities in her free time. Here are some of her favorite hobbies: Hajna likes to use bright colors to paint pictures. She paints flowers, trees, and sometimes even her dreams!
  • She enjoys reading storybooks, especially fairy tales and adventure stories. Reading takes her to magical places without leaving her home.
  • Hajna has a small garden where she grows beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables. She loves getting her hands dirty and taking care of her plants.
  • She enjoys making yummy dishes. Hajna tries new recipes and loves to cook for her family and friends.
  • Hajna loves nature and going on walks in the forest. She enjoys breathing fresh air and looking at all the trees and animals. These hobbies make Hajna happy and keep her busy when she isn’t acting or producing movies.

Interesting Facts About Hajna O. Moss

  • Hajna O. Moss was born in a big city called New York.
  • She acts in movies and also makes them. She appeared in a movie called “Boomerang.”
  • Hajna is not super tall, but not short either. She’s as tall as five rulers stacked on top of each other!
  • She weight is 64kg.
  • Hajna has saved up a lot of money from acting and producing. People think she has $1 million.
  • She has worked on movies since before you were born, like “New York Stories” from when dinosaurs roamed… kidding, from 1989!
  • Hajna loves telling stories using movies and shows. She makes people laugh and sometimes cry.


What does Hajna O. Moss do?

Hajna is like a magician for movies! She acts and helps make them too. She’s in cool films and helps put the stories together.

How tall is she?

She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Does she have a lot of money?

Yes, Hajna has saved up a treasure chest of money from her movie magic. People think she has about $1 million!

What movies has she been in?

Hajna was in “Boomerang” and “New York Stories.” These are stories that play on your TV, making you smile and feel excited.

Can she tell stories?

Yes, Hajna tells wonderful stories through her movies. She shares adventures and fun with all who watch.


Hajna O Moss  done amazing things in movies. Hajna made people worldwide smile and feel lots of emotions by watching her work. She’s saved up a big pile of treasure from all her hard work, like a pirate!