Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero is the daughter of renowned wrestling personality Vickie Guerrero. She has been making waves in entertainment. She has an impressive net worth. And she’s only 29.

Sherilyn was born on July 8, 1995, in the United States. She inherited her mother’s talent and passion for wrestling. She also inherited her late father it’s. Sherilyn, who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and her weight is 58kg, commands attention.

Who is Sherilyn Amber Guerrero?

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero is a special lady with a big heart. She has a mom named Vickie and a dad named Eddie, who were both superstars in wrestling. That means they fought in rings in front of lots of people!

Sherilyn was born when the sun was shining in July, making her a summer girl. She’s not alone at home because she has brothers or sisters to play with. Like you might play with toys or draw, Sherilyn enjoys doing fun things too. She’s grown up a bit now, but she still loves spending time doing what makes her happy.


Sherilyn Amber Guerrero
Date of Birth
July 8, 1995
29 years old as of 2024
 United States

Real Name

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero has a beautiful name, like a princess from a storybook. When she was born, her and dad picked this name for her because it sounded right. “Sherilyn” is her first name, which is special to her.

“Amber” is her middle name, like a hidden treasure. And “Guerrero” is her last name, which she shares with her family. It’s like having a secret code that connects her to her mom and dad, and her brothers or sisters. Everyone has a name, and it’s hers is perfect for her.

Early Life and Education

Sherilyn grew up in a happy home where both her mom and dad loved wrestling. She was a curious little girl, always asking questions and wanting to learn new things. When she was old enough, she went to a school near her house.

Sherilyn loved school. She could play with her friends and learn about numbers, letters, and all the colours of the rainbow. She also liked to draw pictures and write stories about magical places. Every day, she would come home and tell her family all about what she learned. Sherilyn always did her best and made her parents proud.

Parents and siblings.

Sherilyn has a special family. Her mommy, Vickie, and daddy, Eddie, were both stars in wrestling. That’s like being superheroes in a ring! She has brothers and sisters, which means she has lots of fun playing and sharing stories.

Her family is like a team, always there for each other. They share laughs, hugs, and sometimes even tickle fights. Imagine having a family that’s always ready for an adventure or a cozy movie night. Sherilyn’s family shows us how wonderful and exciting it is to have people you love all around you.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Boyfriend

Sherilyn is a girl. She likes to keep her heart’s stories a little secret, like a locked treasure chest! Right now, she hasn’t shared any stories about having a boyfriend. She’s busy enjoying her hobbies, like drawing and playing with her dog.

It’s like being on an adventure in her own magical world. She loves spending time with her family and friends, exploring new things, and having fun. Sherilyn knows the key is to be happy and enjoy each moment. This is true whether she’s alone or with the people she cares about.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Physical Stats – Height and Weight

Sherilyn is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her weight is 58kg. It’s like if you put a bunch of kittens in a big basket, and they all snuggled up; that’s how much Sherilyn weighs. She’s the perfect height and weight to do all her favorite things like swimming and dancing!

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Before Fame

She was growing up. Imagine a little girl with big dreams, playing in her backyard, not yet knowing how famous her mom and dad were.

She would run around, make up stories, and be like any other kid. Sherilyn didn’t start out famous. She had normal days filled with games, school, and lots of learning and playing. This time in her life was about discovering the world around her. It was one adventure at a time, like you might do every day!

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Career

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero is still exploring what she wants to be when she grows up. It’s like how you might dream about being an astronaut, teacher, or superhero. She has seen her mom and dad do amazing things in wrestling rings. This could inspire her to do something as exciting.

she’ll create beautiful art, help people in need, or even become a star like her parents in her own special way. Sherlyn is learning and growing every day. Whatever she chooses to do, she’ll be great at it. She’s full of creativity and kindness.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Net Worth

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero net worth is estimated to $1 million! If you wanted to buy a toy, and you had that much money; you could buy thousands of toys! But Sherilyn knows that saving money is important. It’s like when you save your allowance for something special. She’s learned to be smart with her money, which is a grown-up thing to do.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Famous Reason

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero is famous because of her amazing mother and father. Her mother, Vickie, and father, Eddie, were like superheroes in the wrestling world. Imagine them jumping and wrestling in the ring, with lots of people cheering for them.

That’s why people know about Sherilyn. It’s not because she fights in a ring or wears a cape, but because her parents did cool stuff in wrestling. People know Sherilyn’s parents for their wrestling. It’s like if your mom or dad was famous for making the best cookies or being great at soccer.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Nationality and religion.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero is from a place called the United States, which means she is American. This is where she was born, just like you were born in your hometown. It’s like being part of a big team where everyone comes from the same place.

Sherilyn’s family might have their own beliefs. like your family, they might celebrate holidays or have traditions. It’s something that makes every family unique and special in their own way.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Legacy and Impact

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero has a special sparkle. It comes from her family’s love of wrestling. Her daddy, Eddie, and mommy, Vickie, were like stars in the sky of wrestling, shining bright for everyone to see. Sherilyn carries this sparkle with her. It’s like a magic wand that reminds everyone of her amazing parents.

It’s like she’s walking in a garden of beautiful flowers. Her parents planted them, and now she’s helping them grow even more. She shows us that being kind and creative can make the world a better place. Her parents did this through their passion for wrestling.

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero Future Plains

Sherilyn Amber Guerrero has dreams, like you do! She thinks about what she wants to be when she grows up. she’ll use her drawing to become an artist, making beautiful pictures for everyone to see. Or, she could help animals because she loves playing with her dog and could become a vet.

She might even follow in her mom and dad’s footsteps and do something in wrestling! What’s exciting is that she can choose anything. Sherlyn is still deciding. Whatever she picks, she wants to ensure it makes her happy and helps others.


  • Sherilyn loves to draw. She makes colourful pictures of animals and flowers.
  • She enjoys reading storybooks. Fairy tales and adventure stories are her favorites.
  • Playing outside with her dog is something she does every day. They run and play fetch.
  • Sherilyn likes to dance. She dances to fun music in her room.
  • Making yummy snacks in the kitchen with her mom is fun for her. They bake cookies and cakes together.
  • She also loves swimming. In summer, she spends a lot of time in the pool.
  • Crafting is another hobby. Sherilyn creates cool things with paper, glue, and glitter.

Interesting Facts About Sherilyn Amber Guerrero

  • Sherilyn’s mom and dad were famous in wrestling. Her dad was Eddie Guerrero.
  • She has two siblings. That means she is not alone and has brothers or sisters to play with.
  • Sherilyn was born on a sunny day in July. July 8 is her birthday, making her a summer baby.
  • She is pretty tall, like a lot of people, standing at 5 feet 6 inches.
  • She weighs 58kg, which is right for her height.
  • Sherilyn has a big piggy bank. Some people think she has $1 million in it.
  • She loves spending time with her family and enjoys games and fun like you.


What is Sherilyn’s favorite thing to do?

Sherilyn loves drawing animals and flowers, reading storybooks, and playing with her dog. She also likes dancing to fun music and baking yummy treats with her mom.

How tall is Sherilyn?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Does Sherilyn have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, she has siblings to play and share her toys with.

When is Sherilyn’s birthday?

She has her birthday parties in the summer because she was born on July 8.

How much money does Sherilyn have?

Her net worth is estimated to $1 million.

What did Sherilyn’s parents do?

Her mom and dad were famous wrestlers. Her dad was Eddie Guerrero.


In wrapping up, Sherilyn Amber Guerrero is a pretty cool person with a special story. She’s got a famous mom and dad who were stars in wrestling. She loves doing fun stuff like drawing, baking with her mom, and swimming. Plus, she has a big family with siblings to play and have adventures with. Even though she’s grown up, she still enjoys simple joys, and that’s awesome.

Sherilyn teaches us it’s great to have hobbies and spend time with family. Remember, no matter who your family is or what you like to do, you’re special too!