Noree Victoria Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Noree Victoria

Noree Victoria is a talented actress. She is famous for captivating audiences with her performances on TV and in movies. Noree was born on March 10, 1981, in Baltimore, MD. She has been making a name for herself in entertainment for over twenty years. Noree is 43 years old in 2024. She continues to shine with her great acting and charm. She started as a child writing children’s stories. Noree has always had a passion for storytelling.

She even wrote her first book at the age of seven. Noree skipped her senior year of high school. She went straight to college. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees. Her degrees were in Creative Writing, Biology, and African Studies. Her sister is Penny Johnson Jerald. She is an actress. Penny is her role model. Noree has carved her own path in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Noree Victoria’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki as of 2024.

Who is Noree Victoria?

Noree Victoria enjoys playing characters on TV and in movies. She pretends, like you do with friends or toys. She’s been in a lot of shows, playing all sorts of people, from detectives to doctors.

Noree grew up loving to read and making up her own stories. She started doing this when she was even younger than you! She also loved learning about animals and different places around the world. Imagine having a big sister who acts in movies and TV shows too; that’s what Noree’s life is like! She has a sister named Penny who loves acting like her.


Noree Victoria
Date of Birth
March 10, 1981,
43 years old as of 2024
Baltimore, MD

Real Name

Noree Victoria real name, the one given to her when she was born, is actually the same as what you see on TV—it’s Noree Victoria!

She uses her real name when she’s pretending to be other people in stories. So, whenever you see Noree on your screen, remember that’s her real name too, like it’s when you play pretend.

Early Life and Education of Noree Victoria

Noree grew up in a city called Baltimore, which is a big place with lots of people and houses. She loved books and stories so much that she made her own book when she was only seven, like you!

When she was a little older, not much older than you, she decided that school was so much fun. She didn’t want to wait to learn more. So, she skipped a grade and went to college early! In college, she learned to write stories. She also learned about animals and different places. Noree liked learning new things!

Parents and siblings.

Noree grew up with a family who loved stories as much as she did. She has a special bond with her older sister, Penny, who is also an actress. They spent a lot of time playing dress-up and acting out stories together.

Having a sister who loves pretending to be different characters as much as you do! Noree had a happy home. Her parents always encouraged her to read and write. They filled it with imagination and creativity. Her family helped her believe she could become anything she dreamed of.


In our story about Noree Victoria, there’s a part we haven’t talked much about. The truth is, Noree keeps her life away from the cameras private. So, she hasn’t shared if she has a husband, like in fairy tales. So, like a mystery book where you try to solve the puzzle, you don’t have all the pieces about this part of her life.


Noree Victoria keeps her life with children private. She doesn’t share much about this part of her life with everyone. Like in a game where you might keep some treasures hidden, Noree does the same with details about her family.

If she has kids, she likes to keep those stories between them, like secret adventures. Everyone’s family is unique, like different puzzles. Noree’s family puzzle is a bit more private.

Noree Victoria physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Noree Victoria is like a favorite superhero. Her unique look helps her take on many characters. She is as tall as 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 62kg.

But it’s right for her height. This makes her strong and healthy for her adventures on screen. Noree changes her appearance for her roles! It’s like your action figures have different outfits.

Noree Victoria Before Fame

Before Noree Victoria became a famous actress, she was a young girl with a big imagination, like you! She loved reading books and creating her own stories, which she’d done from a very young age.

When Noree was only seven, she wrote her very first book, filled with magical tales and adventures. She was also very smart and loved learning. She decided to go to college early, right after she turned 16. Even before TV and movies, it’s a girl who loved stories. She dreamed of sharing them with the world.

Breakthrough Roles and Career Highlights

Noree Victoria has been in many TV shows where she pretends to be different people. Imagine being a doctor one day and a detective the next! She was in a big story about O.J. Simpson, where lots of people watched her on TV.

Noree also acted in a show called “Queen Sugar” and played a fun role in “The Rickey Smiley Show.” She even appeared in magical adventures like “The Vampire Diaries.” Noree was in a movie about Christmas too, called “A Christmas Wish.” It’s like she gets to dress up and play make-believe for her job!

Noree Victoria Net Worth and Achievements

Noree Victoria has saved lots of treasure from her acting adventures. It’s like how you might save your allowance. She has estimated to have $3 million. Besides money, Noree has also collected lots of claps and cheers for her amazing acting.

People enjoy watching her pretend to be different characters on TV and in movies. She hasn’t won a big shiny trophy yet. But, many people think it’s a star. They say she makes them smile and feel excited with her stories.

Noree Victoria Famous Reason

Noree Victoria became famous for pretending as different people on TV and in movies. She was in a big story about O.J. Simpson and acted in “Queen Sugar.” It’s like imagining getting to be a doctor, detective, or even a magical creature for your job!

That’s what Noree does, and lots of people watch her and think, “Wow, she’s good at pretending!” She’s like a real-life superhero. She can change who she is to tell us stories. They make us laugh, cry, or sit on the edge of our seats. That’s why she’s famous!

Noree Victoria Nationality and religion.

Noree Victoria is from Baltimore, Maryland, making her American. Like the characters you see in your favorite cartoons, she lives in the USA. People in America come from many places. They believe in different things.

Noree, like everyone else, has her own beliefs and ways of seeing the world. You may have special family traditions or celebrate certain holidays. Noree has her own too. But remember, what makes a story fun is how unique each character is. They are different in their backgrounds and beliefs.

Noree Victoria Legacy and Impact

Noree Victoria is like a superhero in make-believe. She shows everyone: you can become what you dream of by pretending and sharing stories. She inspires kids and grown-ups to follow their dreams and to believe in the magic of stories.

When people watch her act in movies and shows, they see that being kind, smart, and brave is cool. Noree helps everyone understand that stories can come to life. They teach us important lessons, like the fairy tales and adventures you love. She’s making the world a happier place, one story at a time.

Noree Victoria Future Plains

Noree Victoria has big dreams for her next adventures in acting and storytelling. She wants to keep making movies and TV shows that make people happy, excited, and think about big ideas.

She’ll even write more books, especially for kids like you! Norée also hopes to travel and learn about new places and stories it’s she can share with everyone. She believes in chasing her dreams and wants to inspire others to do the same.


  • Noree loves to read all kinds of stories. She started enjoying books when she was like you!
  • Just like you might enjoy making up stories, Noree began writing her own tales at a young age.
  • She’s written her very first book when she was seven years old.
  • She loves to be outside, exploring the beauty of nature.
  • Think of fun times at the park or in your backyard. Norrie finds joy in these moments too.

Interesting Facts About Noree Victoria

  • Noree wrote her very first book when she was only 7 years old.
  • She loves writing stories for kids, like the ones you might enjoy reading or listening to at bedtime.
  • Noree skipped her last year of high school and went straight to college at the age of 16.
  • That’s like jumping ahead to a new level in a video game!
  • She studied many things in college. These included how to write better stories.
  • They also covered learning about animals and exploring African studies.
  • Her big sister is also an actress, so acting runs in her family.
  • Noree played in a movie about Christmas, which is many people’s favorite holiday.


What does Noree Victoria do?

Noree acts in TV shows and movies. She pretends to be different people and tells their stories.

How tall is Noree?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Does Noree have a sister?

Yes! Her sister is Penny, and she acts too, like Noree.

Did Noree write a book?

When she was your age, she wrote her very own book! Imagine making up your own story and writing it down.

What does Noree like to do for fun?

She loves reading, writing, playing outside, and learning new things. like you might! Remember, Noree was once a kid like you, loving stories and dreaming big!


Noree Victoria is a talented actress who loves telling stories, like the ones you enjoy. From acting in big shows to writing her first book at seven, she shows us that following your dreams is possible. She teaches us to be curious, learn lots, and have fun exploring the world.

Remember, like Noree, you can achieve big things, no matter how young you are. So, dream big, read lots, and one day, you’ll share your own stories with the world, like Noree Victoria does.