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Amanda xo

Amanda xo is a fabulous 34-year-old lady born in 1990 and has taken the social media world by storm. Her stunning selfies and great fashion sense have captured the hearts of many. People love Amanda xo.

But that’s not all; she also has a positive attitude that shines through in everything she does. In this blog post, we will talk about her age and career, her family, net worth, and height.

Who is Amanda xo?

She’s a fabulous lady who knows how to live life to the fullest! With her bright smile and colourful style, she’s a real star on social media. She loves fashion, reading, and spending time with her furry friend, Fluffy. But Amanda xo isn’t about pretty pictures.

She’s also all about spreading positivity and joy. And you know what’s cool? She uses her fame to do good things, like helping animals at a shelter. It’s like she’s a superhero, but she has a camera and a big, kind heart instead of a cape!


Amanda xo
Born (Date of Birth)
Age (as 2024)
34 Years Old

Real Name And Nationality And Ethnicity

Real name :Amanda xo

Nationality: American

Ethnicity:  will update

Early Life and Education

Amanda Xo was a little girl full of dreams when she was born in 1990. She grew up with a loving family who always cheered her on. The school was a fun place for Amanda xo! She enjoyed learning new things. Her favourite subject was art because she loved colors and making pretty pictures.

She was also part of her school’s reading club, where she discovered her love for books. Even as a child, she had a keen sense of style. She loved dressing up in bright, cheerful outfits! Her parents and teachers supported her. With their help, Amanda xo started to dream of spreading joy.

Amanda xo parents and siblings

She has a super cool family that she loves . Her mom and dad are her biggest supporters. They always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Amanda’s mom loves fashion, like her! They often spend time together shopping and trying out new styles.

Her dad is a big book lover. He’s the one who sparked Amanda’s love for reading. Amanda also has a younger brother, Timmy. They share a special bond and often volunteer together at the animal shelter. like Amanda xo, her family believes in spreading love and positivity!

Husband and Boyfriend

She is in love with her best friend turned boyfriend, Jake. Jake is not only her biggest cheerleader but also her favourite selfie partner! Their bond is like the ones we see in our favourite fairy tales. Jake and Amanda xo often go on fun adventures. They share laughs and even volunteer at the animal shelter.

It’s like they are two peas in a pod! As of now, they aren’t married yet, but they are a perfect match. like Amanda xo, remember, love should be full of fun, respect, and kindness!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Amanda xo is a radiant lady who’s 34 years old, born in 1990! She’s like your favourite teacher, tall enough to reach the top shelf! Amanda xo has lovely, long hair that’s as shiny as a summer’s day. Her hight is 5 feet 8 inches and weight is 77kg.

Amanda xo

Her sparkling eyes twinkle like stars, and she always has a bright smile. You can see it in her selfish! She likes to wear colourful clothes that match her bubbly personality. She always looks fantastic, wearing a sunny yellow dress or a turquoise top!

Amanda xo Career

 Amanda Xo is a shining star on social media. She takes fun and stylish selfies. She shares them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But that’s not all! She also has a YouTube channel. She shares videos of her fashion tips and book recommendations.

Amanda xo works with great brands. She shows their products on her social media pages. This called a ‘partnership.’ It’s like when your friend shares their toys with you during playtime! She also uses her platform to spread happiness and kindness. You remember her volunteering at the animal shelter. She often shares pictures and stories about her furry friends. They are from the shelter. She shares them on social media.

Even though Amanda Xo’s job might seem fun and games, it requires much hard work. She needs to plan her posts, shoot and edit photos and videos, and interact with her followers. But you can tell she loves every bit of it! Amanda Xo’s career is about being creative, spreading joy, and improving the world. What a cool job.

Amanda xo Before fame

Before Amanda Xo became a social media star, she was a little girl with big dreams! Growing up, she loved playing dress-up and reading colourful picture books. Her parents saw her love for fashion and storytelling. They always encouraged her to follow her heart.

She also loved spending time with her cute pet, a fluffy dog named Fluffy. Her favourite pastime was helping her parents at the local animal shelter. This is where she learned the joy of giving and helping others. Even before becoming famous, she loved turquoise. It reminded her of the beautiful ocean. like today, Amanda xo was always full of joy and positivity!

Amanda xo Social Media Presence

They’re a burst of colour and joy, like her! On Instagram, her vibrant selfies and sweet snaps with her fluffy dog, Fluffy, are a treat for the eyes. Her Facebook page contains fun updates. It has fashion trends and adorable animal photos from her shelter visits.

Plus, she loves sharing her favourite quotes to inspire her followers. On Twitter, she tweets about everything she loves – books, fashion, the beach, and, of course, Fluffy! She even has a YouTube channel. On it, she shares her fashion tips and book recommendations. If you want daily positivity and style, Amanda Xo’s social media is the place to be!

Net Worth and Achievements

Our superstar Amanda xo has done well for herself. She has worked hard, spreading joy and positivity. She has made lots of money from her social media presence.. This called her ‘net worth.’ Her estimated net worth is 2$ Million.

Amanda xo

It’s like when you save up your allowance! But money isn’t the only thing she’s achieved. Amanda xo has received lots of love and praise for her work. She has won awards for her helpful videos and fun fashion tips. And what’s the best part? She always uses her success to help others and make the world happier!

Amanda xo Legacy and Impact

Amanda xo is more than a bright smile on your phone screen. She’s a shining star making a big difference. She shows us how to enjoy life’s small joys with her love for fashion, reading, and animals. And it’s not her followers who get inspired.

Even people who aren’t on social media know about her! Schools use her story to teach kids about kindness and positivity. Amanda Xo’s journey has shown that you can be stylish and kind-hearted. Her work at the animal shelter encourages people to care for their furry friends.

By sharing her favourite book ‘The Giving Tree,’ she inspires us to love and give . Amanda Xo leaves a beautiful mark on the world. She does this through her actions and positive attitude. She makes the world happier and more stylish.

Amanda Xo’s Infectious Positive Attitude

Amanda believes in spreading cheer and positivity everywhere she goes. She spreads her positivity through her stylish photos, inspirational posts, and fun-loving nature. Her followers can’t help but catch her sunny disposition!

Amanda xo always encourages everyone to find joy in the little things in life, like she does. It could be a good book. It could be the color of the ocean. She finds joy in every nook and cranny. That’s what makes her shine so , like her smile!

Amanda xo as a Content Creator and Brand Ambassador:

Get ready, guys! Here’s something cool about Amanda . Besides being a fabulous model, she’s also a content creator and brand ambassador. What does that mean? Well, she makes fun things to share on social media.

She posts stylish photos and cool stuff about her life. She also works with fashion brands. It’s like having a fashion party every day! These brands love Amanda because she’s real, and everyone loves her style. So they choose her to show off their clothes. Wow, isn’t she awesome? It’s like she’s a superhero in the fashion world!


  • She enjoys getting lost in stories and learning new things. –

  • Amanda’s animal love isn’t limited to her pet, Fluffy.

  • She often spends her spare time volunteering at her local animal shelter. She gives love and care to animals in need.

  • When she’s not taking fabulous selfies, she checks out the latest fashion trends. She even designs her clothes!

  • Amanda loves the ocean, and her favourite colour, turquoise, reminds her also of it.

  • She often spends her weekends at the beach, enjoying the waves and the sea breeze.

Favorite Thing

  • Her all-time favourite is ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. It’s a touching tale that reminds her always to give and love .

  • Next, let’s talk about colour. She says it’s because it reminds her of the beautiful ocean, which she loves.

  • Fluffy is Amanda Xo’s fluffy white dog. He’s more than a pet.

  • He’s her furry best friend! He’s often seen wearing his adorable soft coat in Amanda’s selfies.

  • , Amanda Xo’s favourite activity is volunteering at her local animal shelter. She loves helping out furry friends who need a home.

  • It’s her way of giving back and showing love to her community. There you have it, folks! These are a few of Amanda Xo’s favourite things.

  • They’re the little things that make her day a bit brighter!

Interesting Facts About

  • Her favourite colour is turquoise. She says it reminds her of the ocean, which she adores!

  • Amanda xo is not about fashion and beauty. She’s a big fan of reading, too.

  • She’s also a big fan of animals. Amanda xo has a fluffy white dog named Fluffy.

  • Despite her busy schedule. Amanda always finds time to volunteer at her local animal shelter. She loves helping furry friends in need!

  • Amanda xo believes in spreading positivity.

  • She always ends her posts with inspiring quotes to motivate her followers.

  • There’s so much more to this amazing woman than her social media persona!


What’s Amanda xo’s favourite colour?”

Amanda xo loves the colour turquoise.

Does Amanda xo have a pet?”

Yes, she does! Amanda Xo has an adorable, fluffy white dog named Fluffy. He’s often seen in her selfies, looking as cute as a button!

What’s Amanda xo’s favourite book?”

Amanda xo loves to read, and her favourite book is ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. She says it reminds her to give and love .

Does Amanda xo like to volunteer?”

! Amanda xo always finds time to help at her local animal shelter despite her busy schedule.


She’s a superstar on social media and in real life, too. Her love for fashion, books, and animals shines . She uses her fame to do good, like helping animals in need. Amanda xo teaches us that we can spread happiness and kindness, like her.

It doesn’t matter how young or old we are! Let’s try to be like Amanda Xo, shining our unique light. So, keep smiling, stay positive, and let your kindness ripple into the world. Thanks for reading, pals!