Jayla De Angelis Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, family, Bio 2024

Jayla De Angelis

Jayla De Angelis is an AV actress and glamour model from Poland. She has won many fans with her stunning looks and captivating performances. She was born in 21 June 1993, At 31 years old, she has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her slim, curvy body and charming personality have made her very popular on social media. This blog post will cover Jayla De Angelis’ net worth. It will also cover her age, height, weight, and relationship status. It will also cover her biography, family, and her Wikipedia page!

Who is Jayla De Angelis?

Jayla De Angelis is a super cool lady who works as an AV actress and glamour model. She’s from Poland and was born on June 21, 1993. Jayla has a body like a princess with slim and curvy features.

She’s like a social media superstar, with many people who love her. In her job, she acts in movies and poses for photos that make people say, “Wow!” Despite being only 30 years old, Jayla is successful in what she does. That’s Jayla De Angelis!


Jayla De Angelis
Born (Date of Birth)
21 June 1993
Age (as 2024)
31 Years Old
Zodiac Sign

Real Name And Nationality And Ethnicity

Real name : Jayla Deangelis Nationality: Poland Ethnicity: Caucasian

Early Life and Education

 Jayla was like you, a bright little star growing up. Born and raised in Poland, she had a childhood filled with fun and dreams. She went to school like you, where she learned many cool things that helped her become the amazing lady she is now.

 She studied hard, listened to her teachers, and tried to make her dreams come true. That’s how Jayla De Angelis became a super cool actress and model!

Jayla De Angelis Parents and Siblings

Jayla De Angelis has a family! She was born to her wonderful parents who supported her in all she wanted to do. They cheered her on as she chased her dreams. Jayla also has brothers and sisters.

imagine, they used to play, study, and even argue, like we do with our siblings! But at the end of the day, they always loved each other.

Jayla De Angelis Boyfriend

Jayla De Angelis, the fabulous actress and model, keeps some things private. That includes her boyfriend! Like some of us have a secret best friend or a favorite toy, we don’t tell anyone about. Jayla has chosen to keep her boyfriend a secret.

That’s okay! Everyone deserves their little secret; for Jayla, it’s her boyfriend. one day she’ll introduce him to us!

Jayla De Angelis Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Jayla De Angelis is a grown-up lady, exactly 31 years old as of 2024! She’s tall, almost like a beautiful tree. Her height is 5 feet 4 inches, weight is 56kg and body measurement is 32-24-35. Jayla’s hair was as shiny as the sun, and she had bright eyes that twinkled like stars.

Jayla De Angelis

Her skin glows like a moonlit night. Well, she is! And remember kiddos, it’s not about how we look, but who we are inside that makes us beautiful, like Jayla De Angelis!

Jayla De Angelis Social Media

like how we have fun playing games online, Jayla has fun posting pretty pictures and videos for her fans. She uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s like her magic mirror where she shares her life’s beautiful moments.

If you peek into her Instagram, you’ll see her twinkling smile and sparkling eyes. Social media should always used , like Jayla!

Jayla De Angelis Before Fame

Jayla was a little girl with big dreams. She lived in Poland, a beautiful place filled with castles and fairy tales. like you, she had to go to school and do homework. She didn’t wake up one day and become famous.

Instead, she worked hard, practiced a lot, and never gave up on her dreams. Because of her determination and hard work, she is now a successful actress and model. So, remember, kiddos, always chase your dreams as Jayla did!

Stepping into the Limelight: Jayla’s Entry into the Adult Film Industry

That’s like Jayla’s story! Jayla worked hard, showed everyone her talent, and became a big star in the adult film industry.

It was a big step, like how a tiny caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly. She showed courage, like you, when you try new things.

Jayla De Angelis The Sensational Glamour Model

Jayla De Angelis does as a glamour model, but for real! She wears all kinds of beautiful clothes and poses in front of a camera. Then, her photos get shared everywhere for people to admire.

Jayla De Angelis

Her stunning pictures are like a storybook that tells tales of fashion and beauty. So remember, kiddos, like Jayla, when you play dress-up, you’re not having fun.

Jayla De Angelis Net Worth: A Result of Hard Work and Dedication

That’s what Jayla De Angelis did! She loves being an actress and a model, and she worked hard. Now, she has a whole bunch of “gold coins.”

Her net worth estimated to $2million. remember, it didn’t appear. It’s all because of her hard work and dedication!

Jayla De Angelis Career

She started as a small flower, blooming . She learned how to act, pose for photos, and make people go ‘wow’! With lots of practice and a never-give-up spirit.

 She became a big, bright sunflower in the garden of entertainment! Now, she’s an AV actress and a glamorous model, making her dreams come true daily! So, kiddos, remember, practice makes perfect, like Jayla’s career shows us!

Jayla De Angelis Legacy and Impact

She is like a beautiful peacock. She spread her feathers of talent and hard work to become a superstar. Her story inspires us all. She shows us you can be from anywhere, like Poland, and still touch the sky!

Jayla De Angelis

She’s like a superhero who teaches us to chase our dreams, work hard, and be kind. She also helps us understand it’s important to love ourselves, like she does. So, kiddos, Jayla De Angelis isn’t a star; she’s a star that lights the way for others, like a lighthouse!


 Jayla De Angelis has fun like us! Let’s look at some things she enjoys doing when she’s not being a superstar:

Dressing Up: Jayla loves trying different outfits and makeup. It’s like when we play pretend. It’s like a real-life dress-up game!

Reading: Jayla loves to read books. She believes that each book is a new adventure waiting to discovered.

Traveling: Jayla enjoys visiting new places and learning about different cultures. It’s like going on a big adventure!

Playing with Pets: Jayla loves animals and enjoys playing with her pet dog.

Stargazing: Jayla loves to gaze at the stars on clear nights. She says it’s like looking into a fairy tale!

Favourite Things Jayla De Angelis 

 Jayla De Angelis’s favorite things. like you have things that make you smile, Jayla also has things she loves the most. Let’s check them out!

Color: Jayla loves the color blue. It reminds her of the clear blue sky and the beautiful blue sea. It’s like the color of our school’s uniform.

Food: Jayla’s favorite food is pizza, like us! She loves it all, whether it’s a plain cheese pizza or one loaded with toppings.

Book: Jayla loves reading; her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. She enjoys the fun adventures Alice has in the magical world. It’s like when we read fairy tales.

Movie: Jayla’s favorite movie is ‘The Lion King.‘ She loves the brave Simba and the funny Timon and Pumbaa. like how we enjoy watching cartoons, Jayla loves this animated movie.

Animal: Jayla loves dogs. She thinks they’re cute and friendly, like our pet dog, Fido!

Hobby: Jayla’s favorite hobby is stargazing. She loves watching the stars twinkle in the night sky.


 What is Jayla De Angelis’s job?

 Jayla is an AV actress and a glamour model.

When was she born?

Jayla was born on June 21, 1993.

Where is Jayla from?

 She’s from Poland, a beautiful country with many castles!

 What does Jayla like to do for fun?

Jayla loves dressing up. She also loves reading books, traveling, playing with her pet dog, and stargazing.

 What is Jayla’s favorite color?

Her favorite color is blue, like the sky and the sea.

What’s Jayla’s favorite food?

She loves pizza, like us!


We saw how she transformed from a little girl with big dreams into a dazzling star. She teaches us that we can achieve our dreams with hard work, dedication, and courage, like she did!