Coco Koma Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Coco Koma, popularly known as Coco Star, is a young and talented social media sensation who has taken the internet by storm. Born on June 27, 2002, in Tampa, Florida, Coco achieved immense success at a very young age. With her stunning looks and charming personality, Her Height  5 feet 3 inches tall Weight 54kg And Net Worth $1 Million she has amassed a considerable fan following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. 

Who is Coco Koma?

Coco Koma, also known as Coco Star! She’s the superstar we’re shining our spotlight on. Imagine having a friend who’s always up for an adventure, loves playing dress-up, and can share stories that keep you glued to your screen. That’s Coco! But don’t worry, if there’s ever a tale to tell about Shari Jordan, you’ll be the first to know. For now, let’s keep sailing in Coco’s exciting world.


Real name
Blair Smith
Famous as
Coco Star
21 years
 5 feet 3 inches tall
Net Worth
 $1 Million

Real Name

Coco Koma’s real name is pretty cool because it’s the same as her famous name! Yes, she’s Coco Koma at home and Coco Star online. Just like how sometimes you might have a unique nickname that your friends or family call you, Coco has to pick a dazzling name for everyone online to know her by. It’s like having a secret superhero name, but hers is no secret because many people know and love it!

Early Life and Education

Coco Koma grew up in a sunny place called Tampa, Florida. As a little girl, she loved to play with her friends, dress up in fun outfits, and tell stories. Coco attended school like other kids, where she learned to read, write, and make art. She enjoyed doing projects and sharing her ideas with classmates. Coco has always had a big imagination and likes learning new things.

Even when she was very young, she loved being in front of the camera, smiling and making people happy. School was where Coco could dream and start to see those dreams come true.

Parents and Siblings

Coco Koma has a family just like you! She grew up in a house filled with love and support from her parents. They helped her become the shining star she is today. Coco’s mom and dad always encourage her to follow her dreams and to be kind to everyone she meets. Besides her mom and dad, Coco might have brothers or sisters, but she likes to keep that part of her life a little private.

This means she only talks a little about them on the internet.  They share special moments away from the camera’s eye. As you play with your siblings or friends, Coco also enhances fun with her family; they are her biggest fans and always cheer her on in everything she does.

Boyfriend/ Husband

Coco Koma is a bright star with many friends and fans who adore her. Coco keeps that part of her life as if it were a secret garden when talking about a boyfriend or husband. She has yet to share if she has a special someone, just like some stories have chapters yet to be written.

Coco’s life is filled with adventures, fashion, and fun, and if there’s a chapter about a boyfriend or husband, she might share it when the time is right. For now, her story is about spreading happiness and being a light to others.

The Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Coco Koma is a sparkling star with a dazzling look that many people admire. Regarding how tall she is, how much she weighs, and her overall shape, these are parts she likes to keep private, just like a treasure chest that’s locked up tight. Imagine if you had a special secret about yourself that only you and your best friends knew.

That’s like what Coco does with her physical details. She focuses on sharing her fun adventures, beautiful outfits, and happy moments rather than talking about her height 5 feet 3 inches tall Weight 54kg , or figure. Coco teaches us that it’s super important to love ourselves just how we are and to share the joy we find in doing what we love, like dressing up in cool clothes or exploring new places.

Before Fame

Before Coco Koma became the shining star of Coco Star, she was a little girl with big dreams living in Tampa, Florida. Like every big tree starts from a tiny seed, Coco’s journey to fame began with her simple love for cameras and storytelling. Imagine a young Coco, not much older than you, playing in her backyard, pretending to host her show or walking the runway in her most colourful outfits.

She didn’t have many followers back then, but she had something just as important: a bright spark of creativity and a heart full of dreams. She loved dressing up, making little videos, and sharing stories, even if it was just with her family or friends. Each day was a new adventure, a new chance to learn something fun. Coco’s passion for being in front of the camera and sharing her joy with others was the magic seed that would eventually grow into becoming Coco Star, the dazzling internet sensation loved by many.


Coco Koma, who many know as Coco Star, began sharing her sparkle on the internet like a fairy spreading magic dust. She started by making little videos where she could be herself, dressing up in fun outfits and sharing her adventures. People worldwide began watching her videos, liking her photos, and following her journey on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Coco loves to create content that makes others smile, showing off her fashion finds, sharing beauty tips, and taking her followers on virtual adventures with her. Every video or picture is like opening a new storybook page filled with colour, laughter, and fun. Coco’s career is about sharing joy and creativity and making the world happier, one post at a time. She turned her passion for storytelling and fashion into a dream job where every day is a new adventure.

Coco Koma Net Worth

Coco Koma, also known as Coco Star, has a net worth that is like a big, secret treasure chest. Imagine if you saved all your birthday money, allowance, and coins you found under the couch cushions in a giant piggy bank. Over time, that piggy bank gets fuller and fuller.

Coco’s net worth $1 Million is like that piggy bank because she earns money by making fun videos and sharing excellent photos. Even though we don’t know how much is in her treasure chest, we can guess it’s a lot since she’s so popular!

Famous Reason

Coco Koma, which many people call Coco Star, is famous for an excellent reason! Imagine making videos where you dress in fun clothes, go on incredible adventures, and share stories that make everyone smile. That’s what Coco does! She started making these videos and putting them online for people to see. People worldwide watch her videos and like her photos because they’re so much fun.

Coco has a unique way of making everyone feel happy when they watch her adventures or see her fabulous outfits. It’s like she’s inviting everyone to a big, fun party online. Coco became famous because she shared joy and creativity with everyone, making the internet happier with her sparkling personality and entertaining ideas.

Coco Koma Nationality And Religion

Koma, or Coco Star, as many know her, was born in Tampa, Florida. That means she’s American! It’s like when you know where you were born, and that’s a particular part of who you are. As for religion, it’s very personal, like a favourite colour or the best ice cream.

Coco hasn’t shared much about her religion because that’s her private treasure, just like some thoughts and feelings you keep in your secret diary. Coco’s story shows us that everyone comes from different places and might believe in other things, and that’s okay!

Coco Koma Legacy and Impact

Coco Koma, also known as Coco Star, is a superhero on social media. Like superheroes inspire people to be brave and kind, Coco inspires many people, especially kids, to be themselves and chase their dreams. By sharing her adventures, fashion, and fun times, Coco shows everyone that it’s cool to be yourself and to share what you love with the world.

Her impact is like dropping a pebble in a pond; the ripples spread and touched many people, making them smile and happy. Coco teaches us that by being kind and sharing our joy, we can make a big difference in the world, just like she does with her videos and pictures. Coco’s legacy is about spreading happiness and inspiring others to dream big like she does.

Coco Koma Future Plains

Coco Koma has big dreams for the future! For example, when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up, Coco has many ideas, too. She wants to make more fun videos and travel to new places she’s never been before. Coco thinks about making new friends worldwide and sharing even more happy stories.

She might also try new things with fashion and beauty, creating cool looks for everyone to enjoy. Coco’s future is like a book with blank pages, and she’s excited to fill them with colourful adventures and fun!

The Business Behind Being Coco Star

Making videos and sharing photos like Coco Star might seem fun and games, but it’s also her job! Imagine if playing with your toys or drawing your favourite pictures could help you earn money for toys or treats. Coco does that with her adventures and fashion shows on the internet.

She works with companies that think she’s cool and want her to show their stuff in her videos. So, while Coco is having a blast dressing up and exploring, she’s also being a bit like a superhero for her own business, helping her earn treasure for her piggy bank!

Coco’s Influence on Fashion and Beauty Trends

Coco Koma, also known as Coco Star, is like a magician in fashion and beauty. Imagine opening a box full of colourful dresses, shiny shoes, and sparkly makeup—that’s what it feels like when Coco shares her style. She loves mixing different clothes to make new, fun outfits everyone wants to try.

When Coco wears a pretty dress or shows an excellent way to do makeup, lots of people watch and think, “I want to try that too!” Coco helps us find new ways to dress up and feel special. She’s like a guide leading us on an adventure to discover how we can look and feel our best, showing that dressing up is a way to tell the world who we are, all while having a blast. Coco’s style is all about being bold, colourful, and, most importantly, being yourself, which makes everyone pay attention and follow her lead in fashion and beauty trends.

Coco Koma Hobbies

  • Coco loves dressing up in fabulous outfits. It’s like playing dress-up but for her job!
  • Taking photos is super fun for her. She gets to make silly faces and pose in pretty places.
  • Traveling to new spots is exciting. Coco gets to see new things and sometimes even meet new friends.
  • Making videos is another hobby. She shares stories and adventures, almost like the show and tells at school.
  • Playing with animals is something she adores. 
  • Coco also enjoys exploring fashion. She mixes and matches clothes like she’s creating art.

Coco_komaa Favorite Things

Color of Choice:

Coco has a unique fondness for the color pink. It’s evident in her fashion choices, home décor, and even her Instagram feed.


Coco’s love for chocolates is not a hidden fact. She loves indulging in various chocolates from different parts of the world.

Fitness Regimen:

Regular workout sessions form an integral part of Coco’s daily routine. She enjoys mixing up her workout routines to keep things interesting.

Travel Destination:

She loves traveling, and her favorite destination is still a well-kept secret. However, her social media posts suggest that she particularly likes beach destinations.

Fashion Brand:

Coco’s closet features an impressive collection of brands, but she’s often seen sporting items from Chanel, reflecting her elegant style.


An avid reader, Coco’s favorite genres are romance and mystery. Among her favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks and Agatha Christie top the list.

Coco’s Furry Friend:

Coco’s pet dog is her absolute favorite. They share an adorable bond, evident in their numerous cute snapshots on social media.


Coco’s favorite gadget is her DSLR, which aids her in capturing beautiful moments and sceneries. Her love for photography is visible in her stunning pictures on Instagram.

Interesting Facts About Coco Koma

  • Coco Koma loves animals! She thinks they’re super cute and fun to be around. Maybe she has some furry friends at home!
  • She was born in a sunny place called Tampa, Florida. Imagine living where it’s warm and sunny almost every day!
  • Coco is known as Coco Star on the internet. It’s like having a unique nickname that everyone knows you by.
  • She’s good at making videos and taking pictures that many people like to watch and see. It’s like showing your friends your favourite toys but to the whole world!
  • Coco enjoys travelling and exploring new places. It’s like going on an adventure to see new things and meet new friends.
  • Fashion is one of her hobbies. She loves trying on different clothes and showing them off, like dressing up for a fun game.
  • Although Coco is famous and many people know her, she keeps some things private, like if she has any pets.


What is Coco Koma’s real name?

Her real name is Coco Koma, but she is also called Coco Star!

How old is Coco Koma?

Coco was born on June 27, 2002. You can count how old she is from that!

Where does Coco Koma live?

Coco lives in Tampa, Florida. It’s a sunny place with lots of beaches!

What does Coco Koma do?

Coco makes videos and pictures for people on the internet. She shares her fun life and fashion tips on Instagram and YouTube.

Does Coco Koma have any pets?

Yes, Coco loves animals! But we need to find out what pets she has. She might share about them in her videos.

What are Coco Koma’s hobbies?

Coco loves fashion, taking photos, and travelling to new places. She also likes to make videos about her adventures.

Can I meet Coco Koma?

Coco loves her fans, but meeting her might be challenging. She’s swamped. 


Coco Komaa has proven that dreams can come true through her captivating presence and magnetic personality. With hard work, persistence, and genuine authenticity, she’s carved a niche in social media. Whether it’s her dance moves, trendy fashion, or eye for photography, Coco embodies the spirit of the millennial generation.

As a role model, she continues to inspire young minds who aspire to make their mark. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, Coco_koma remains a constant, shining bright and influencing lives. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion and creativity in the age of social media.