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Olivia Lapiedra

Olivia Lapiedra is a Spanish actress and model. She has been making waves in entertainment since her 2024 debut. Olivia was born on 7 December 1999 in Malaga, Spain. She is now 25 years old. Olivia has captured many hearts with her stunning looks and great acting skills.

She rose to fame through her performances in videos and web scenes. She gained a huge following worldwide. But there’s more to Olivia than her career. Want to know about her family, net worth, Weight(s) 55 KG 121 lbs (pounds)and height 167 cm 1.67 m 5 ft 6 in Keep reading to find out more about this rising star!

Who is Olivia Lapiedra?

Olivia Lapiedra is a shining star in the world of acting and modeling. She’s like a superhero who wears many hats. In one moment, she can seen acting in a web scene, and in the next, she might be posing for a photoshoot. It’s like she has a magic wand that transforms her from an actress to a model within seconds. Olivia was born in the beautiful Spanish city, Malaga. She stepped into entertainment in 2024 and has been unstoppable since.

Olivia is famous for her acting and modeling skills. She admired for her beauty and charm. Her journey is an inspiring story for all young kids who dream of making it big in the entertainment world. She’s a talented artist. She’s a radiant beauty. Olivia a dreamer. She believes in herself and makes her dreams come true.


Real Name
Olivia Lapiedra
Nick Name
Olivia Stark
Actress & Model
Date of Birth
7 December 1999
Age (as 2024)
25 years old
Zodiac Sign
Year Active
2021 – Present

Real Name And Nationality And Ethnicity

Real name : Olivia Lapiedra Nationality: Spanish Ethnicity: Caucasian

Early Life and Education

Little Olivia was born in Malaga, Spain, on an excellent December 1999. Her love for performing arts sparked at a very young age. You would often find her putting on mini-performances for her family and friends. She always enjoyed being in the limelight. Olivia didn’t limit herself to acting; she loved to strike a pose, too! Hence, it was no surprise when she stepped into modeling as she grew up. For her education, Olivia attended a local school in her hometown.

Olivia Lapiedra

Here, she did well in her studies. She also took part in many cultural events and sharpened her acting skills. As a student, she believed in balancing her studies and passion. It was a lesson for all young dreamers. Olivia’s journey from a local schoolgirl to a renowned actress and model is inspiring. So kids, remember, even the most prominent stars start from small beginnings as Olivia did.

parents and siblings

Olivia, her team is her family! We don’t know much about Olivia’s parents. But, we know they’ve always been her biggest fans. They’ve supported her dreams and stood by her side throughout her journey. Olivia has always cherished her family time and shares a close bond with her parents.

As for siblings, Olivia known to have a younger brother. They share a strong sibling bond and are always there for each other. Olivia often credits her family’s support as crucial to her success story. A dream doesn’t come true by magic. It takes sweat, determination, and a supportive family, like Olivia’s!

Husband and Boyfriend

Olivia prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. She has not revealed anything about having a boyfriend or a husband, like a secret superhero. She may be in a relationship, or she’s single. But for now, Olivia focuses on her booming career and achieving her dreams.

And that’s okay! Remember, it’s fine to concentrate on your dreams and work towards achieving them. Olivia is a shining example of that. So, keep your curious eyes on this bright star as she dazzles us with her talent and charm!

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Olivia Lapiedra, our Spanish beauty, is 25 years old, having been born on the 7th of December in 1999. She known for her stunning looks and impeccable style. Olivia has an elegant height that complements her modeling career. She stands tall and proud, though the exact measurement is a well-guarded secret! As for her height 167 cm 1.67 m 5 ft 6 in Weight(s) 55 KG 121 lbs (pounds), that’s another mystery Olivia likes to keep.

Olivia Lapiedra

But her pictures make it clear. She has a fit and healthy body. It’s perfect for her demanding career. physical appearance, Olivia is a natural beauty. She has gorgeous dark hair. She styles it in different ways, from flowing waves to straight looks. Her eyes are a captivating shade that pulls you in. Plus, she has a dazzling smile that lights up every room she enters.


Olivia’s fantastic career journey! She started her career in 2024, stepping into acting and modeling. Olivia had beautiful looks and great talent. She became a sensation, shining in the sky of entertainment. She’s like a busy bee, always buzzing between acting and modeling. Olivia has been in various web scenes and videos in the acting world. She displayed her acting talent for all to admire. Her performances have left people in awe, helping her gain a massive fan base globally.

In modeling, she’s walked the ramp and posed for photoshoots. She showed off her fashionable side. With every project, Olivia continues to prove her talent and versatility. So, kids, Olivia’s career is like a fascinating storybook. It’s full of exciting chapters about her acting and modeling adventures.

Olivia Lapiedra Before fame

Before Olivia Lapiedra became a star, she was a regular girl with a big dream. Her grew up in the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain. She loved the performing arts from a very young age. Olivia created little performances for her family. She also posed in front of a mirror like a model. Her was always full of energy and passion.

Olivia’s childhood filled with dreams of bright lights and grand stages. She worked hard to polish her acting and modeling skills. She did not know she would recognized worldwide for these talents. Even before fame, Olivia was a shining star in her own right, ready to dazzle the world with her talent and charm.

Olivia Lapiedra Modelling Ventures

Olivia started modeling at a very young age. She was like a colorful butterfly. She flapped her wings on the ramp and posed for breathtaking photos. Olivia has worked with many fashion brands. She showcased her ability to model any outfit.

Olivia Lapiedra

Whether it’s a pretty dress or a cool jacket, she can make anything look fabulous! She even traveled to exciting places for her photoshoots. Can you imagine visiting new cities and countries to take pictures? How fun! Olivia’s modeling journey is like a fairytale. It’s full of exciting adventures and beautiful outfits. So, if you ever dream of becoming a model, Olivia is the perfect inspiration!

Net Worth

That’s a fancy way of talking about how much money someone has earned. While Olivia’s exact net worth is a  Estimated 1$ Million. Remember, Olivia is a superstar in acting and modeling, working very hard in her career. This usually means she’s doing well for herself . But, remember that a person’s true worth is not in their money. It is in their talents, dreams, and the love they spread. And in that, Olivia is rich!

Future Prospects Olivia Lapiedra

Olivia’s career will keep on shining . She has super talents in acting and modeling. She might star in longer videos, even movies! Or strut her stuff on the runway for top fashion brands! And, who knows, she might also explore other talents she has hidden up her sleeve.

But no matter what she does, one thing is sure. She’ll keep spreading joy and inspiration to all her fans, like she always does. So, kiddos, keep your eyes on this superstar because her story is still written, and the best is yet to come!


Dancing: Olivia loves to move to the rhythm. She enjoys various dance styles, making her a fantastic dancer!

Reading: She loves to dive into the world of books. It’s like going on an adventure without leaving her comfy chair.

Traveling: Olivia enjoys exploring new places. She loves it all, whether it’s a bustling city or a peaceful beach.

Cooking: Olivia likes to whip up delicious dishes. Yummy!

Sports: To keep fit and active, she loves playing sports. These are a few hobbies that make Olivia’s free time fun and exciting.

Favorite Thing

favorite City: Olivia was born and raised in Malaga, Spain. With its stunning beaches and lovely weather, it holds a special place in her heart. It’s like her own little paradise!

Favorite Career: Olivia loves both acting and modeling. One minute, she’s delivering great performances in web scenes. The next, she’s posing like a queen for a photoshoot.

Favorite Hobby: Olivia loves to dance! Dancing is a great way to express yourself and have fun. Plus, it keeps her fit and energetic.

Favorite Food: Now, this is a well-guarded secret. But considering she’s from Spain, she might love traditional Spanish food. Delicious paella or tapas,

Favorite Memory: One of Olivia’s favorite memories is when she started her career in 2024. It was the day her dreams started coming true. Remember, your favorite things are unique to you, like Olivia’s are to her.

Interesting Facts About

  • She would put on shows for her family and friends!

  • Olivia has a younger brother. They are very close and always there for each other.

  • She was born in a beautiful city in Spain called Malaga.

  • Olivia is not an actress but also a model! She loves posing for the camera.

  • Her exact height, weight, and net worth are all mysterious.

  • She likes to keep some things a secret!

  • She started her career in entertainment in 2024. She has been unstoppable since.


When was Olivia Lapiedra born?

Olivia was born on 7 December 1999. So, she celebrates her birthday with lots of cake and candles every December!

Where is Olivia from?

Olivia is from a beautiful city in Spain called Malaga. It’s known for its stunning beaches and lovely weather.

How did Olivia become famous? 

Olivia stepped into the world of acting and modeling in 2024. Since then, she has been in various web scenes and videos. She has modeled for different fashion brands.

Does Olivia have any siblings?

Yes, she does! Olivia has a younger brother. They’re very close and always there for each other.

What is Olivia’s height?

167 cm 1.67 m 5 ft 6 in


She’s like a super-talented superhero who works magic in acting and modeling. like Olivia, remember that each of you is unique and special. If you have a dream like Olivia, work hard and believe in yourself. With hard work and a little sprinkle of belief, you can make your dreams come true. Remember, like you, every big star was once a tiny dreamer. So dream big, work hard, and you might be the next Olivia Lapiedra!