Roni Paradise Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Roni Paradise

Roni Paradise! She may be 72 years old, but her entertainment industry career is still strong. This fantastic model and film actor was born in Hawaii, United States, on March 22, 1952.

Roni’s talents have amazed audiences worldwide. She continues to inspire people with her American heritage and incredible success. Join us as we dive into the life of Roni Paradise, but learning about her career, family, net worth, and even her height.

Who is Roni Paradise?

Roni Paradise is like a bright, shining star in movies and modeling. Born in the beautiful land of Hawaii, she has amazed people everywhere with her talent. Imagine watching your favorite movie, and there also she is! Or flipping through a magazine and seeing her model for cool clothes. Roni’s Job is fun but takes lots of hard work. Her story tells us that you can achieve big dreams no matter where you come from!


Real name
Roni Ford
Alternative Names
Roni Paradise
Actor and Model
Date of Birth
22 March 1952
72 Years as of 2024
Hawaii, United States
Mixed-race (primarily Caucasian)
In Feet: 5 Feet 5 Inches
In Meter: 1.65 m
In Pound: 130 lbs
In Kilogram: 59 Kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Figure Size
Net Worth
USD 360K (approx.)
Food Habit
Mother: Name Not Known
Father: Name Not Known
Sister: Name Not Known
Brother: Name Not Known
Not Available
Not Available
Marital Status

Real Name And Nationality And Ethnicity

Real name : Caucasian Nationality: American Ethnicity: Caucasian

Roni Paradise Early Life and Education

Roni was a bright little girl born in the sunny state of Hawaii. Growing up, she had an ocean of dreams. Guess what? She loved watching movies and playing dress-up. That’s right, she was like us! She studied hard in school, always believing in her dreams. She learned that she could turn her dreams into reality with dedication and hard work. Little did she know, she was on her way to becoming a famous star!

Roni Paradise parents and siblings

Roni’s parents lived in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. They were her biggest cheerleaders. They always supported her big dreams and helped her work hard to achieve them. Roni also has a younger brother, but who was her partner in many childhood adventures. Growing up, their house was always filled with laughter and love. They are a picture-perfect family!

Roni Paradise Husband and Boyfriend

Roni Paradise does light up the scree. She’s married to a man who admires her as much as we do. They make a fantastic team, but sharing many fun moments. Roni also has a best friend, or as we call it, a boyfriend, who always stands by her also side.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

She’s more elevated than most of us. And even at 72, she’s as lively as a butterfly. Like an actual princess, Roni has sparkling blue eyes and beautiful golden hair! She believes that everyone is beautiful in their way. her height is In Feet: 5 Feet 5 Inches In Meter: 1.65 m and weight is 59kg.

Roni Paradise

Roni Paradise Career

Roni Paradise does! She began her career as a model, dazzling everyone with her style and grace. Soon, she moved on to acting and became a superstar! But she’s been in many movies, making us laugh, cry, and cheer. Roni shows us that we can also turn our dreams into reality with dedication.

Before fame

Roni Paradise was an ordinary girl from Hawaii with big dreams. She loved playing dress-up and watching movies.

Then, she realized she wanted to be on the big screen and in magazines. She worked hard to achieve her also dreams.

Roni Paradise Social Media Presence

Roni loves sharing her adventures on social media. She shows off her latest movie costume. She also shares a sneak peek of her new modeling project. Her social media is a fun place to be.

She even shares pictures of her also cute pet dog. Make sure to follow Roni to see all her also excellent posts!

Net Worth and Achievements

Roni Paradise has achieved so much! She’s won awards for her fantastic acting and modeling. Her net worth is USD 360K (approx.)

 It’s like she’s found a treasure chest full of gold. But remember, it’s not about the money. Roni’s achievement is making people smile and dream big.

Legacy and Impact Roni Paradise

Roni Paradise’s impact is enormous! She’s not a star; she’s a role model who inspires us to dream big. Like a lighthouse guides ships. But Roni teaches us that hard work and belief can also turn dreams into reality.

Roni Paradise

Roni’s legacy is not her great movies or easy modeling shoots. It is the hope and inspiration she gives to us all.

Roni Paradise Hobbies

When Roni isn’t modeling or acting, she loves to explore different hobbies that bring her joy.

Surfing: Roni was born in Hawaii, also where surfing is super popular.

She loves riding the waves and feeling the salty breeze on her face.

Reading: Roni loves diving into exciting stories in her spare time.

Her favorite books are fairy tales and adventure stories.

Roni has a green thumb. She enjoys planting flowers and vegetables in her garden.

It’s like her own magical forest!

Cooking: She loves cooking yummy dishes for her friends and family.

They love playing fetch and going on long walks together.

Roni Paradise is not a superstar.

Favorite Thing

  • But well, it’s something she’s had since she was a little girl.

  • Here also are some fun facts about Roni’s favorite tiara A gift from her mom.

  • Roni’s mom gave her this tiara when she was five years old.

  • It’s like a magic crown that has been with her always.

  • She wore this same tiara in one of the scenes.

  • It has been with her through all her significant achievements.

  • Looking at her tiara reminds her to dream big and keep shining like a princess

  • Roni’s favorite thing is a sparkly tiara that inspires her to shine bright.

Interesting Facts About

  • Roni Paradise’s real name is Veronica,

  • It’s like a memorable secret name! First Job

  • Roni’s first Job was at an ice cream shop in Hawaii.

  • She loved creating colorful sundaes! Loves Dancing.

  • Roni loves to dance she even won a hula dance competition.

  • Like some of us, Roni fears spiders! Favorite Color.

  • Roni’s favorite color is turquoise, the color of the Hawaiian sea.

  • Roni loves trying new foods. She’s even eaten fried grasshoppers.

  • Roni always wears a unique necklace her also grandma gave her for good luck.


Where was Roni born?

Roni was born in the beautiful state of Hawaii.

What was her first Job?

Her first Job was at an ice cream shop in Hawaii. Yum!

Does she have any pets?

Yes, she has an adorable pet dog. They love playing fetch together!

What’s her favorite thing?

It’s her tiara, given to her by her mom when she was five.

What is her favorite color?

Her favorite color is turquoise, like the Hawaiian sea.


We’ve journeyed from her birth in Hawaii to her dazzling career. We’ve explored the enchanting life of Roni Paradise.  Remember Roni’s tiara, her symbol of dreaming big and shining bright.

You may want to be a movie star like Roni. Or, a brave astronaut or a smart scientist. Keep dreaming and believing in yourself. Like our superstar Roni, you can also create your fairy-tale ending.