Queenie Sateen Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki.

Queenie Sateen

Queenie Sateen is an actress and model from the United States, born in Florida on 4 September 1991. That means she will be turning 33 years old in 2024! Queenie started her career in entertainment in 2022. She has been making waves since. She has become a rising star with her stunning looks and impressive acting skills.

Who is Queenie Satine?

Friends, let’s talk about our star, Queenie Sateen! She’s a super-talented actress and model who loves the camera. Like you have fun playing games, Queenie has fun posing for photos and acting in movies. And she does it so well, like when you score high in your games!


Queenie Sateen
Actress & Model
63kg – 140lbs.
Net Worth (approx.)
$100K USD

Queenie was born in Florida, which has many lovely beaches and yummy oranges. Today, many people worldwide love and adore her. Queenie started her journey in the ‘Motley Models.’ It’s like the starting level in a game. And now, she’s a big star! That’s Queenie Sateen for you!

Queenie Sateen

Queenie Sateen Early Life and Education

Queenie Sateen’s childhood and education, kiddos! She was born in 1991 in sunny Florida. She grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches and delicious oranges. As a kid, she was always joyful and energetic, like a bouncy ball! Always curious and creative, she loved playing on the beach and spending time with her family. As for her education, Queenie was a bright student.

She loved to read and learn new things, like you love your storybooks. Queenie attended a great school in Florida. She did very well in her studies. Queenie Sateen was always interested in arts and drama. She was part of her school’s drama club, too! Her teachers and friends always praised her acting skills. It’s no wonder she became such a fantastic actress! So, kiddos, Queenie’s early life was of fun, learning, and creativity. And it’s this early love for acting and learning that guided her to her remarkable career.

parents and siblings

Alright, kiddos, it’s time to talk about Queenie Sateen’s family! Queenie is very close to her parents, who live in sunny Florida. They love her very much and are super proud of her achievements. Now, about siblings, Queenie has kept this part of her life a secret.

she has brothers and sisters; she doesn’t. Queenie prefers to keep this information under wraps like a surprise gift! So, like a good mystery book, we’ll have to wait to find out more! We know she loves her family and often spends time with them amidst her busy schedule.

Queenie Sateen Husband and Boyfriend

Queenie Sateen lives in a world of glitz and glamour. Her personal life, especially her romantic relationships, has always intrigued fans and followers. Amidst her bustling career, Queenie has managed to keep the details of her love life private.

But, we know she has been in a long-term relationship with Ruby. Ruby is not her life partner but also her bandmate in Sateen.

Their relationship goes beyond the personal into the professional. It shows a deep bond. We have built this bond on mutual respect. We share a vision and support each other’s work.

They have navigated the ups and downs of the entertainment industry together. Their partnership is a big part of Queenie’s life and career.

Queenie tends to keep a veil of privacy around most aspects of her relationship. But, it’s clear that her connection with Ruby is a key part of her story. It shows a thriving partnership. The partnership thrives despite the complexities of fame and public scrutiny.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Queenie Sateen’s age, height, weight, and how she looks. Born on September 4th, 1991, our superstar is now 33 years old. Queenie is tall and has a fantastic height, like the palm trees in her home state, Florida. She stands at an impressive 5 feet 7 inches.  Queenie maintains a healthy weight 63kg – 140lbs.

that complements her height . It’s like when you balance your toys; everything should be right!

Queenie Sateen

Queenie Sateen has beautiful, long hair. She loves to style it in different ways for her movie roles and photo shoots. Sometimes, it’s as shiny as the sun, and sometimes it’s as soft as a cloud. And Queenie has sparkly eyes that are full of joy and laughter. She is beautiful inside and out! So, friends, Queenie Sateen possesses talent and boasts an attractive height and appearance.


Queenie Sateen was born in Florida on September 4, 1991. Since then, she has been modeling and acting in adult films. Queenie Sateen’s birthday is September 4. You may find Queenie Sateen’s material online. It is on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, OnlyFans, and more. According to her date of birth, Queenie Sateen is white. She was born under the sign of Virgo in Western astrology.

Queenie Sateen started her career in adult films as a model. She did this after she graduated from high school in Florida, United States. Queenie Sateen attended high school in Florida. She has worked for many modeling agencies in Los Angeles. These include Francina International Modeling Agency and Ford Models. They also include IMG Models, Look, Kim Alley, and Look Model Agency, among others. She also tried a career as an actress in adult films. PornHub, a well-known adult film company, made her first hardcore movie.

Queenie Sateen Before fame

Queenie Sateen became the big star she is today, she was like many of you kiddos – full of dreams and passions! Growing up in sunny Florida, Queenie loved playing on the beach and eating juicy oranges. She was always filled with joy and positivity as a young girl. Queenie Sateen enjoyed playing tennis, which helped her stay active and fit.

Queenie started with ‘Motley Models. Then, she entered the AV industry and became a famous actress and model. She had a unique talent for modeling, catching the eye of many people in the industry. So you see, kids, Queenie wasn’t always a famous star. But, her love for her passions and hard work led her to where she is today!

Queenie Sateen Social Media Presence

Queenie Sateen shares cool pictures from her photoshoots. She also shares snippets from her films and cute moments with her pet cat! Her Instagram account is a colorful, fun world that gives us a peek into her glamorous life. She has thousands of followers from all around the globe! But that’s not all, kids.

Queenie also uses social media. She talks about things she loves, like strawberries and playing tennis. Sometimes, she shares her favorite recipes. But the best part is that Queenie always sends positive messages to all her followers. So, if you’re on social media, follow Queenie Sateen and join in the fun! But remember, always be kind and respectful online, like our star, Queenie.

Net Worth and Achievements

Queenie Sateen isn’t a brilliant actress and model; she’s also made quite a name for herself in her career! Her hard work and talent have rewarded her with a net worth that’s believed to be around $100 USD. That’s a lot of piggy banks. Her net worth shows her success in her career. She started with ‘Motley Models and moved on to the AV industry. But Queenie’s achievements aren’t only about money.

Queenie Sateen has won many hearts with her acting and modeling. She has beautiful poses. Plus, she’s also known for her kind and loving nature. She has thousands of followers on social media who admire her and look up to her as a role model. Kids, this shows that success is not about having a lot of money but also about impacting others. Like Queenie, you can achieve great things. You need to work hard and be kind!

Queenie Sateen Legacy and Impact

Queenie Sateen is not an actress and a model; she is a role model for everyone! Her teaches us that having many different interests and hobbies is fun. Her loves tennis and cooking. She dedicated to caring for her pet cat. She shows us that everyone can have diverse passions and activities. Queenie also shows us the importance of staying close to our family and loved ones. This is true no matter how busy or famous we get.

Queenie Sateen

Her love for her home state, Florida, teaches us something. It tells us that, wherever we go, we should always remember and appreciate where we came from. And, of course, her work in the AV industry and with ‘Motley Models inspire many aspiring actors and models. They inspire them to chase their dreams and work hard. Queenie’s influence doesn’t stop there. She shares her favorite things, from strawberries to the color pink. She encourages us to celebrate life’s simple joys. Queenie Sateen is leaving a positive and impactful legacy for us all!


Playing Tennis: When she’s not acting or modeling, Queenie loves to grab a racket and play tennis! It’s a fun way to keep her fit and active

Cooking: Queenie loves to cook! She finds joy in making yummy dishes, even some you like too!

Caring for Her Pet: Queenie has a cute pet cat that she loves to spend time with. It’s always a good time when she’s playing with her furry friend!

Exploring Florida: Queenie loves to explore her home state of Florida. She finds happiness in visiting its beautiful beaches and eating its yummy oranges.

Favorite Thing

Food: Our star Queenie loves to eat strawberries.

Animals: like many of us, she loves animals, too!

Hobbies: Cooking is her favorite hobby. She enjoys creating tasty dishes!

Color: Her favorite color is pink. So pretty!

Place: Queenie loves her home state, Florida. She enjoys the beautiful beaches and yummy oranges.

Sports: She loves to play tennis in her free time. It helps her stay fit!

Music: She enjoys listening to pop music. She is a big fan of the singer Beyonce!

Interesting Facts About

  • Queenie Sateen was born on a special day, September 4th, 1991. It was the same day Beyonce, a famous singer, was born.

  • She is from Florida, known for its beautiful beaches and oranges.

  • Queenie is also a model. She has the talent to pose and walk like a professional on the runway.

  • Before she became a well-known face in the AV industry, she started her career with ‘Motley Models.’ This shows that she has the spirit to try different things

  • Queenie has a secret hobby – she loves cooking

  • Despite being famous, Queenie loves to spend time with her family. It shows how important her loved ones are to her.

  • She has a pet cat whom she loves . These facts show that Queenie Sateen is more than an actress and model. She is a multi-talented person with a big heart!


When is Queenie Sateen’s birthday?

Queenie was born on September 4th, 1991. That’s right, she shares her birthday with the famous singer Beyonce!

Where is Queenie from?

Our star Queenie hails from sunny Florida, known for its lovely beaches and tasty oranges.

What does Queenie like to do in her free time? 

In her free time, Queenie loves playing tennis, cooking yummy dishes, and playing with her pet cat.

Did Queenie always want to be an actress and model? 

Yes, indeed! Queenie loved being part of her school’s drama club and was very good at it, too!

What’s Queenie’s favorite color?

Queenie Sateen loves the color pink. It’s as pretty as a butterfly!

What’s her favorite food?

Queenie Sateen loves eating strawberries. Yummy!

Does Queenie have any siblings? 

That’s a mystery, kids! Queenie prefers to keep this part of her life a secret. One day, we will find out!