Kim Hasse Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Kim Hasse is an American actress known for her work in film and television. She was born on April 4, 1961. She rose to fame in the late 1980s with her role in the comedy and fantasy film Teen Wolf Too. With her captivating performances, she has continued to make a mark in the entertainment industry. In addition to her successful career, Kim has been part of notable projects, such as The Brady Bunch and My Sister’s Keeper. She was also previously married to the late singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot Jr.

Who is Kim Hasse?

Kim Hasse is a talented lady who acts in movies and TV shows. Imagine playing pretend as your job! That’s what she does. She started acting in a “Teen Wolf Too” movie when she was younger, which was fun. Kim also loves reading stories and playing with her friends, as you might. She was married to a man named Gordon, who loved to sing and write songs. Imagine having a partner who could sing you to sleep! Kim has a big imagination and likes to bring characters to life, making people smile and laugh with her acting.


Real Name
Kimberly Hasse
April 4, 1961
Birth Place
Los Angeles, California, United States

Real Name

Kim Hasse is her name when she acts in movies and on TV, That’s called a “real name.” Sometimes, people in movies use different names, but we need to find out if Kim does that. Just like you have a name that your family and friends call you, Kim Hasse is the name by which we know her. The name shines bright on movie posters, making us remember her fantastic acting.

Early Life and Education

Kim Hasse was once a little girl, just like you! She grew up in a place filled with lots of people and buildings. When she was your age, she went to school and learned to read, write, and do math. She played with her friends during recess and probably loved snack time, too! Kim always enjoyed telling stories and pretending to be different characters, like playing make-believe. She liked school because it helped her learn how to be a great actress. She knew something new every day, which was very exciting for her!

Parents and Siblings

Kim Hasse grew up in a family just like yours! She has a mom and dad who love her very much. They always encouraged her to follow her dreams, especially when she wanted to become an actress. Kim also has brothers or sisters, just like some of you might.

They played together, had fun, and sometimes even acted out stories with her. Imagine having a sister or brother to dress up with and pretend you’re in a movie or a magical world! That’s what Kim’s childhood was like; she was full of imagination and support from her family.

Boyfriend/ Husband

Kim Hasse once shared her heart with a particular person, Gordon Lightfoot. He wasn’t just anybody; he was a singer who could create music that touched people’s hearts. They decided to get married when two people promised to be together and care for each other.

Gordon sang songs, and Kim acted in movies, so they both knew a lot about telling stories, but they did it in different ways. Even though Gordon is no longer with us, their time together was filled with love and music, making memories that Kim holds dear.

The Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Talking about how tall someone is or how much they weigh is like discussing your favorite superhero’s height or how much an elephant weighs. It’s just numbers that help us understand more about them. For Kim Hasse, she’s just the right height to be on movies and TV, like a princess in a castle or a superhero saving the day.

Her height is 5 feet 4 inches and weight 53 kg. It’s just a number that helps her be strong and healthy for all her adventures on screen. Like in your favorite storybooks, every character looks different, which makes them special. Kim Hasse is unique in her way, with a smile that lights up a room and the ability to bring laughter and joy, just like your favorite characters in stories. 

Kim HasseBefore Fame

Before Kim Hasse became a star in movies and TV shows, she was a little girl with big dreams. When you draw pictures or play pretend, imagine you’re in different worlds. That was like Kim! She didn’t start famous. Instead, she had fun playing roles in school plays, just like when you play in your school’s fun events. She loved acting so much, even before many people knew her name.

Kim worked hard, learning to be the best actress she could be. She read many books and practiced acting a lot, just like how you practice writing or math. She got a little better every day, dreaming of being in big movies one day. And guess what? Her dreams came true when she got her first significant role in a film. But before all that, she was like you, using her imagination to go on adventures!

Kim Hasse Career

Kim Hasse has played in many movies and TV shows, making her a star! It’s like when you dress up for Halloween and pretend to be someone else, but Kim does it on TV and in big movies where many people can see her. She started with a movie called “Teen Wolf Too,” where she probably had to act surprised and scared because of all the werewolves! Then she was in other stories, like being part of a big, mixed-up family in “The Brady Bunch” movie and returning to “Pleasantville.”

 Kim like a chameleon, changing into different people depending on the movie or show she’s in. Whenever she acts, she tells a new story, making us laugh or excited. Isn’t thinking about how someone can become so many different characters fantastic? Kim Hasse does that every time she acts, and it’s a big part of why she’s so special in movies and TV.

Kim Hasse Net Worth

Imagine you have a piggy bank where you save all the coins you get from doing chores or your birthday. Over time, this piggy bank starts to fill up, and you feel happy knowing you have saved so much! In the world of grown-ups, they have something similar called “net worth.” This tells them how much money they have saved from all their work,  Kim Hasse has amassed a net worth estimated at $3-4 million 

Kim Hasse has been in many films and shows, which is like doing a lot of chores! So, she has saved up quite a bit in her big grown-up piggy bank. While we don’t know the exact number of coins in her piggy bank, it’s a lot because she’s been in many movies and shows, making people smile and laugh. It’s important to remember that what makes Kim rich is not just the money but all the fun and joy she brings to others through her acting.

Famous Reason

Kim Hasse became famous because she played in a movie called “Teen Wolf Too.” It was a movie where there were werewolves, and it was funny and magical, too. People liked her in that movie because she acted reasonably and made them smile. Being in this movie was like finding a treasure map that leads to more exciting adventures. So, because she was so good in that movie, she got to act in more films and shows, sharing stories and making more people happy. That’s how she became known by lots of folks!

Nationality And Religion

Kim Hasse is from the United States, which means she is American. You might be from a city or town, but Kim is from a country with many different people and places. Being American is part of who she is, just like where you’re from is a part of you.

As for religion, it talks about what people believe in, like stories about the world and how to be kind to others. We don’t know what Kim thinks about these big questions because they are personal and something she keeps to herself. Just like you might have your favorite stories or beliefs, Kim has hers, too. But remember, what’s important is how we treat each other and the fun and kindness we share, no matter what we believe.

Kim Hasse Legacy and Impact

Kim Hasse has done amazing things that make people remember her. Just like when you draw a beautiful picture, and everyone in your class says “Wow,” Kim acted in movies and TV shows that made people say “Wow” too. She showed us that it’s fun to pretend to be different characters. Imagine playing a superhero one day and a teacher the next; that’s what Kim did but in movies.

Because of her, people learned it’s okay to dream big and be whoever you want, even if it’s pretend. She made us laugh and feel happy, which is an extraordinary thing to do. Hasse has left a sparkle, like glitter, that sticks around and keeps shining, making the world of movies and TV a bit more magical for everyone.

Kim Hasse Future Plains

Kim Hasse has many dreams she still wants to explore. Just like when you think about what you want to be when you grow up, Kim always thinks of new stories to tell and new characters to become.

Maybe she’ll be in a movie about space or a show where she gets to solve mysteries. She might even try directing, like being the boss of a movie, telling everyone where to go and what to do. Kim’s future is full of possibilities, and she’s excited to see where her imagination takes her next!

Kim Hasse Hobbies

Kim Hasse enjoys some pretty cool hobbies! Here’s what makes her happy:

Acting: Kim loves to act a lot! She enjoys pretending to be different people in movies and shows.

Watching movies: Just like you enjoy watching cartoons, Kim loves watching movies. It’s fun to see other actors acting!

Reading: Kim enjoys reading books. Imagine all the adventures and stories she discovers on those pages!

Spending time with friends: Just like playing with your friends makes you happy, Kim loves hanging out with her friends, too.

Listening to music: Kim enjoys all kinds of music, maybe some by Gordon Lightfoot! 

Interesting Facts About Kim Hasse

Kim Hasse is a fascinating person who shares many fun facts about herself! Let’s explore some things that make her unique: – Kim acted in a movie called “Teen Wolf Too,” where she played a fun role. Imagine being in a movie with werewolves! – She was once married to a singer named Gordon Lightfoot. Singers can make beautiful music, and it’s cool that she knew one so well! – Kim loves to act, so she pretends to be different people for her job. How fun would pretending to be someone else for a day be? – Besides movies, Kim has also been in TV shows and other films. It’s like playing dress-up but on a big screen for many people to see. – She’s worked with other actors and actresses, making new friends and learning new things on each movie set. Isn’t it neat how one person can do so many different things? Kim Hasse shows us that creativity and trying new roles can be exciting!

Life After Lightfoot

After saying goodbye to Gordon Lightfoot, Kim Hasse kept acting and bringing stories to life on screen. Just like when you finish a chapter in a book and start a new one, Kim begins a new chapter in her life.

She continued to act, play different roles, and make people smile with her performances. Imagine starting a new adventure or making a new friend; Kim did that by continuing her journey in movies and shows. It’s like turning the page to find new stories waiting to be told. Kim shows us that even after saying goodbye, new beginnings and adventures are always ahead.


Who is Kim Hasse?

Kim Hasse is a talented actress. She acted in movies and shows. Think of her as a person who dresses up as different characters for her job.

How did Kim Hasse become famous?

Kim became famous for acting in “Teen Wolf Too” and other films. People liked her acting, and she got more roles.

Was Kim Hasse married?

Yes, she was married to a singer named Gordon Lightfoot. He writes songs and sings them.

What does Kim Hasse like to do?

We don’t know all her hobbies, but like everyone, she has fun things she enjoys doing.

Is Kim Hasse in any shows now?

The blog doesn’t say if she’s in shows right now, but she’s done a lot of fantastic acting in the past.