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Khaza Kamil

Khaza Kamil Gates is the young celebrity kid. He has won many hearts with his charming and cute looks. Khaza Kamil was born in 2014. He is now 10 years old. He is the son of the famous American rapper and singer Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka Gates. So, let’s get to know more about Khaza Kamil Gates and his journey so far!

Who is Khaza Kamil Gates?

Khaza Kamil Gates is a little boy whose dad is Kevin Gates, a famous singer, and his mom is Dreka Gates. He was born on May 10, 2014, which makes him a Taurus – that’s one of the star signs! Khaza is 10 years old now.

He loves to play, draw, and spend lots of fun time outside. Khaza is special because many people know who his dad and mom are, but he also has his own cool things he likes to do. He enjoys music like his dad and it’s fun helping out in the kitchen too.


Khaza Kamil Gates
Date of Birth
10 years old as of 2024
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Real Name

Khaza Kamil Gates is his real name, like the one we use to call him. It’s a special name given to him by his mom and dad. Khaza’s name is as unique as he is, full of kindness and joy.

Like every superhero has their own special name, Khaza has his too. It’s a name that fits him, making him the star of his own amazing story. Remember, each name is special, like Khaza’s, it tells us something wonderful about who they are.

Early Life and Education

Khaza Kamil Gates grew up in a loving home with his mother and father. As a little kid, Khaza started learning lots of new things. He went to school, like other kids, where he made friends and played fun games during recess.

In school, Khaza learned to read, write, and do math. He also got to draw and paint, which he enjoys. Khaza likes going to school because he learns something new every day. It’s a place where he can be with friends and learn how to be even more amazing as he grows up.

Parents and siblings.

Khaza’s dad is Kevin Gates, a rapper who sings songs. His mom is Dreka Gates, and she helps make music videos. They love Khaza very much. He has a sister named Islah, and she’s his best friend.

They play together, laugh, and sometimes have little fights, but they always make up. Khaza’s family is like a team, always supporting each other. They have fun going on adventures and making memories. like any family, they care for each other a lot. Khaza is lucky to have them, and they feel lucky to have Khaza too.

Favorite Foods

Khaza Kamil Gates loves to eat yummy things! His top favorite is ice cream. Imagine a big, cold scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream on a hot day – that’s what makes Khaza super happy. He also likes eating pizza with lots of cheese on top.

It’s so gooey and delicious! Sometimes, for breakfast, Khaza enjoys pancakes with syrup. They’re sweet and fluffy, like clouds! And don’t forget about fruits; he likes apples and bananas. They’re not only tasty but also help him grow strong. Eating these favorite foods makes Khaza smile from ear to ear!

Favorite Games

Khaza loves to play many fun games! One of his top favorites is soccer, where he kicks the ball around with his friends, trying to score goals. He also enjoys playing with action figures and cars. He creates exciting adventures in his backyard.

When he’s indoors, Khaza likes video games that let him go on quests and solve puzzles. Plus, he has a blast playing tag and hide-and-seek, running and hiding, giggling all the while. These games are not fun; they help Khaza make lots of happy memories with his friends and family.


Khaza Kamil Gates has many friends at school and at home. He loves to play games with them, like soccer and tag. His friends come over to his house, and they’ve had fun playing with toys and action figures.

They also share snacks and laugh a lot together. Khaza is kind and shares his toys, which makes everyone happy. His sister Islah sometimes joins in the fun too, and they all play together. Khaza values friends. They make every day fun and full of adventures.

Khaza Kamil Gates Physical Stats: Height and Weight of Khaza Kamil Gates

Khaza Kamil Gates is a 10-year-old boy who is growing taller every day. Right now, he stands at 4 feet 8 inches tall. Khaza also weight is 25kg.

Being active and eating healthy foods helps him grow strong. Like a superhero gets stronger, Khaza is growing up fast and healthy. Every day, he’s a little bit taller and a little bit stronger, ready for all the fun and games.

Khaza Kamil Gates Before Fame

Before Khaza Kamil Gates became known to the world, he was a regular little boy. He lived a normal life with his mom, dad, and sister. Khaza spent his days playing, learning how to talk, and exploring the world around him.

He loved playing with his toys, especially his cars and action figures. Even though he was very young, Khaza always had a big smile for everyone. He didn’t know yet that his dad was a famous rapper. To Khaza, his dad was his dad, someone who loved him and played with him a lot.

Khaza Kamil Gates Career

Khaza Kamil Gates is still a young boy, so he doesn’t have a job like adults do. But, he’s learning lots of new things every day that might help him decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

he’ll be a musician like his dad, or he’ll choose a completely different path! Right now, Khaza’s “career” is to be the best kid he can be. He plays and learns at school. He also has fun with his family and friends. Every day is a chance for him to discover new talents and dream about the future.

Khaza Kamil Gates Net Worth of the Gates family.

The Gates family, including Khaza, his mom, and his dad, have a lot of money because of their hard work. They are worth about $5 million! This money comes from Kevin Gates, Khaza’s dad, who makes music that lots of people enjoy listening to.

Dreka Gates, Khaza’s mom, also helps by making cool videos for the songs. Together, they work as a team to earn money. This helps them take care of their family, go on fun trips, and do many exciting things together. It’s like having a big treasure chest that helps them live a happy life.

Khaza Kamil Gates Famous Reason

Many people know Khaza Kamil Gates because his dad, Kevin Gates, is a popular rapper. He sings songs that lots of folks like. His mom, Dreka Gates, helps make music videos that are cool to watch.

Even though Khaza is still a kid, people show an interest in him because of his famous parents. This means he sometimes gets to be in pictures and videos that lots of people see. Some kids’ parents might be teachers or doctors. But, Khaza’s parents are well-known in music. That’s why he’s famous!

Khaza Kamil Gates Nationality and religion.

Khaza Kamil Gates was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which is in the United States. So, he’s American, like many kids you might know. People in America come from all sorts of places and believe in many different things.

About what Khaza and his family believe, it’s personal to them. Like you might have your own special traditions or beliefs in your family. Everyone has their own, and that’s what makes us all unique! Remember, it’s cool to learn about where people come from and what they believe.

Khaza Kamil Gates Legacy and Impact

Khaza Kamil Gates is still very young, but he’s already making a mark by being himself. With a famous dad and mom, Khaza demonstrates that being yourself can make you well-known. As he grows, he might inspire other kids to be proud of their families and themselves.

One day, Khaza might do big things that could help people or make the world more fun. Like in stories where kids become heroes, Khaza has his own adventure ahead. Every day, he learns and shares joy, adding to his story and the stories of those around him.

Khaza Kamil Gates Future Plains

Khaza Kamil Gates is dreaming big for his future! He thinks about what he wants to be when he grows up. He’ll make music like his dad or create cool videos like his mom.

He wants to keep playing soccer, even in a big day! Khaza is excited to learn more in school, make more friends, and try new things. Every day is a new adventure, and he can’t wait to see where it takes him.


  • Playing with toys, Khaza loves to play with action figures and cars, making up exciting stories as he goes.
  • He enjoys drawing and colouring. He brings his imagination to life on paper with colourful drawings.
  • Khaza spends lots of time outdoors. He runs around and plays games like tag and hide-and-seek with his friends.
  • He loves to watch cartoons. He has a few favorites. He especially likes to watch them on Saturday mornings.
  • Khaza enjoys listening to music. He is like his dad. He sometimes tries to sing along.
  • Helping in the kitchen: Khaza likes to help his mom and dad cook by mixing ingredients and setting the table.

Interesting Facts About Khaza Kamil Gates

  • Khaza loves animals, especially puppies.
  • He enjoys drawing and coloring in his free time.
  • Khaza has a favorite superhero, Spider-Man.
  • He likes to play soccer with his friends.
  • Ice cream is Khaza’s favorite treat.
  • He has learned to swim and loves pool time.
  • Khaza enjoys listening to music, especially songs by his dad.


What is Khaza Kamil Gates known for?

Khaza is famous because he is the son of a well-known rapper, Kevin Gates, and Dreka Gates.

How old is Khaza?

As of 2024, Khaza is 10 years old.

Who are Khaza’s parents?

His dad is Kevin Gates, and his mom is Dreka Gates.

What are some things Khaza likes to do?

He loves playing with toys and drawing. Khaza also loves playing outside and watching cartoons. He enjoys listening to music and helping in the kitchen.

Does Khaza have a favorite food?

Yes, Khaza loves ice cream!

Does Khaza have a favorite game or sport?

He enjoys playing soccer with his friends.

What’s Khaza’s favorite superhero?

Spider-Man is his favorite!


In the end, Khaza Kamil Gates is a joyful and lively young boy with a big heart for fun, animals, and music. Just like any other kid, he loves playing, drawing, and spending time with his friends and family. His parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates, are very proud of him.

Khaza is growing up fast and learning new things every day. He shows us that being kind, creative, and active are important. Let’s keep cheering for Khaza. He is exploring the world and still bringing smiles to those around him.