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JoAnne Rhue Harrison

¬†JoAnne Rhue Harrison is a remarkable woman who has made a name for herself in the pawn industry. She is best known as the wife of the beloved “Old-Man” from the hit TV show Pawn Stars. JoAnne’s story is one of hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her husband Richard is by her side. She has become a successful entrepreneur and role model for many. In this blog post, we will look at JoAnne’s age, career, family, and net worth of $3 Million. We’ll also cover her height, 5 feet 4 inches, and weight, 60kg. We’ll also share some interesting facts about her life.

Who is JoAnne Rhue Harrison?

JoAnne Rhue Harrison is a lady we know because of her cool husband, Richard. People call Richard the “Old-Man” on a TV show called Pawn Stars. JoAnne and Richard own a shop where they buy and sell cool things. But JoAnne is not the wife of the “Old-Man”. She’s a boss lady who runs the business too! She works very hard and inspires many people. You see, JoAnne Rhue Harrison isn’t famous because of her husband. She’s famous because she’s a smart, hard-working businesswoman.


Real Name
JoAnne Rhue Harrison
Nick Name
2nd September 1940
Age as in 2024
84 years old
Born In
Kernersville, North Carolina (USA)
Grow Up at
Las Vegas (USA)
Sign of the Zodiac
5 feet 4 inches
Heights in Feet
5 Feet 4 Inch
Net Worth
$3 Million
60 kg
Weight(s) in pound
132 lbs

Early Life and Education

JoAnne Rhue Harrison was once a little girl, like you and me. She was born in a place called Virginia, which is on the east coast of the United States. As a young child, she loved to play and learn. She was always curious about the world around her. When she grew up, she decided to go to school to learn even more.

She went to a college called the University of North Carolina. This is where she learned a lot about business. All this knowledge helped her become the successful businesswoman she is today. She sure does show us that learning and education are very important!

JoAnne Rhue Harrison parents and siblings

JoAnne Rhue Harrison comes from a warm and loving family. She was born to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rhue, in Virginia. JoAnne also has a brother and a sister. Growing up, she enjoyed lots of fun times with her siblings. They played games, went on adventures, and learned together.

These fun times made her a better person and taught her important life lessons. Today, she still shares a strong bond with her family. Her parents and siblings are very proud of her accomplishments. They are her biggest cheerleaders. JoAnne’s story tells us how important family is in helping us grow and succeed.

Husband and Boyfriend

JoAnne Rhue Harrison is married to Richard. Many people know Richard as the “Old-Man” from a TV show called Pawn Stars. They are a great team. Together, they run a shop where they buy and sell interesting things. Richard is a fun guy who is always cracking jokes.

He is also very smart and knows a lot about many different things. JoAnne and Richard are not husband and wife. They are also best friends who always support each other. They work together, laugh together, and make important decisions together. She does not have a boyfriend because she married Richard.

JoAnne cannot have a boyfriend because she is married to Richard. JoAnne cannot have a boyfriend because she is married to Richard. She is already married to Richard. JoAnne is married to Richard and does not have a boyfriend.

JoAnne Rhue Harrison Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

She was born in the year 1942.She¬†will take a closer look at JoAnne’s age, career, and family. We will also cover her net worth of $3 million, height of 5 feet 4 inches, and weight of 60kg. We will cover some interesting facts about her life.

She is like a grown-up tree! She has lovely grey hair, like a fluffy cloud, and bright, happy eyes. Her smile is always warm and welcoming, making her a friend to all. But remember, it’s not how she looks, but her big heart that makes her so special.

JoAnne Rhue Harrison Career

JoAnne Rhue Harrison is a super lady in the world of pawn shops. That’s a place where people buy and sell things, like treasures or antiques. Together with her husband Richard, she runs the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

She’s kind of like a treasure hunter, always on the lookout for special items to add to their shop. But running a pawn shop is not all she does. JoAnne also appears on the TV show Pawn Stars. She shares her knowledge and adventures with the world. like a real star, JoAnne shines bright in her career!

Before fame JoAnne Rhue Harrison

JoAnne Rhue Harrison was a famous lady in the pawn world, she was a girl with big dreams. As a kid in Virginia, JoAnne was full of curiosity and loved to learn. She would always ask questions and try to figure out how things worked. She loved to explore her town and find treasures at yard sales and thrift shops. These treasures sparked her love for unique and valuable items.

JoAnne went to college at the University of North Carolina. There, she learned about business. After college, she decided to use her love for treasures and her business knowledge. She used them to start a pawn shop with her husband, Richard. This was before she became a star on the TV show Pawn Stars. Her story shows us that with hard work and passion, we can turn our dreams into reality!

Social Media Presence

Yes, she does! You might enjoy playing games or watching videos online. But, JoAnne uses the internet to share updates about her work and life. She is most active on Facebook, where she has many followers. She likes to post pictures of the interesting items she finds for her pawn shop.

Sometimes, she even shares funny stories about her husband Richard. He’s known as the “Old-Man” from Pawn Stars. But remember, she’s a busy lady running a business, so she might not post every day. If you want to learn more about JoAnne’s adventures, you can follow her on Facebook!

Net Worth and Achievements

JoAnne Rhue Harrison has done some awesome things in her life! She has made a lot of money with her business. When you make a lot of money, we say you have a big “net worth”. JoAnne’s net worth is around $3 million. That’s a lot of money!

She earned all this by being smart and hard-working. JoAnne also got a big award once. It was the Pawnbroker of the Year Award. This award is very special. It means she was the best pawnbroker in the whole country that year! This shows us that JoAnne is very good at her job. Isn’t that amazing?

Legacy and Impact

JoAnne Rhue Harrison is not a star on TV, she’s also a superstar in real life! She’s one of the most important ladies in the pawn shop world. Because of her hard work and smart choices, she has made a big difference in this business. JoAnne is like a superhero for all the girls and boys who dream of starting their own business one day.

story tells them that they can do it too! Also, she shows us that we can be successful and kind at the same time. Her legacy, or the special mark she leaves behind, is one of success, kindness, and inspiration. She makes the world a better place!


JoAnne loves looking for unique items. She does so at yard sales and thrift stores. It’s like going on a treasure hunt!

Reading: She enjoys reading books, especially ones about business and history. Books are a great way to learn new things!

Gardening: JoAnne has a green thumb! She loves to plant flowers and watch them grow.

Cooking: She likes to whip up yummy meals for her family. Her special dish is chicken pot pie! Remember, hobbies are what makes us happy.

Favorite Thing

Owls: JoAnne has a huge love for owls. These wise birds remind her of her husband Richard, who is also very wise. She has an amazing collection of owl figurines at home.

Antique Jewelry: like a pirate loves treasure, JoAnne loves antique jewelry. She enjoys the thrill of finding unique, beautiful pieces for her pawn shop.

Chocolate Cake: This is JoAnne’s favorite treat. She especially loves it when Richard bakes it for her.

Reading to Grandchildren: JoAnne loves spending time with her grandchildren. Her favorite thing is to read them bedtime stories.

Interesting Facts About

  • She loves Christmas! Every year, she and Richard decorate their shop with beautiful lights and ornaments.

  • She has a little dog named “Buddy”. He often comes to the pawn shop with her and Richard.

  • She’s a huge fan of Elvis Presley. She even has a collection of his records.

  • JoAnne is an early bird. She wakes up at 5 am every day to start her work.

  • She loves the color blue. You’ll often see her wearing blue clothes or accessories.

  • JoAnne has a secret talent for painting. She loves to paint in her spare time.


What TV show is JoAnne on?

She is on the show Pawn Stars, like her husband Richard, whom people call the “Old-Man.

What does JoAnne like to do for fun?

She loves hunting for treasures, reading books, gardening, and cooking yummy meals. She also likes to read bedtime stories to her grandchildren.

What is JoAnne’s favorite animal?

JoAnne loves owls very much. She even has a collection of owl figurines at home!

Who does JoAnne work with?

She works with her husband, Richard. They run their pawn shop together and also star on Pawn Stars together.

Is JoAnne on social media?

Yes, she is! You can follow her on Facebook to see updates about her work and life.

What award did JoAnne win?

She won the Pawnbroker of the Year Award. This means she was the best pawnbroker in the country that year!


JoAnne Rhue Harrison is a true superstar. She shows us that hard work and smart choices can help us reach our dreams. With her husband, Richard, she runs a cool shop and even stars on a TV show! But she’s not about work.

She also loves treasure hunting, reading, gardening, and spending time with her grandchildren. From owls to antique jewelry, she has many things that she loves. JoAnne proves that you can be a boss lady, a loving wife, grandma, and still have time for fun! Isn’t she awesome? Let’s be like JoAnne, always learning, working hard, and finding joy in what we do.