Cyril Nri Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Cyril Nri

Cyril Nri is a acclaimed British actor, writer, and director. He has captured audiences with his exceptional talent and versatile performances. Born on April 25, 1961, in Nigeria, Cyril Nri’s age is currently 63 years old as of 2024. He comes from a family of Igbo descent. But, due to the Biafran Civil War, he, his three sisters, and parents had to flee the country in 1967. His mother hails from Barbados, and his father was a successful Nigerian engineer.

Despite early struggles, Nri’s passion for acting never wavered. He moved to London at the age of seven. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 84kg. Nri has made himself one of the most talented actors in the industry. As of 2024, experts estimate his worth to be $4 million. This shows his hard work and dedication to his craft. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Cyril Nri’s net worth, age, height, weight, family, and bio/wiki in 2024.

Who is Cyril Nri?

Cyril Nri is a very talented man who loves to act, write stories, and direct plays and movies. Imagine if you could be the boss of your own stories, deciding everything that happens. That’s what Cyril does! He was born far away in Nigeria, but now he lives in London.

Cyril Nri

Imagine moving from your home to a whole new country; Cyril did that when he was a little older than you! He has played in many shows, making people laugh, cry, and feel all sorts of emotions through his acting. Cyril is like a real-life magician, bringing stories to life for everyone to see.


Cyril Nri
Date of Birth
 April 25, 1961
63 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Cyril Nri’s full name is Cyril Ikechukwu Nri. It might sound a bit long, right? He comes from a place called Nigeria. There, names often tell a story about who you are or where your family comes from. “Ikechukwu” means “God’s power” – a strong and cool meaning, isn’t it?

So, when you hear the name Cyril Ikechukwu Nri, you’re learning a bit about his family’s hopes and history. Like your name might have a special story or meaning, it’s does too!

Early Life and Family Background

Cyril Nri’s early days were full of adventure and change. When he was a little boy, he lived in Nigeria with his family. But something big and scary, the Biafran Civil War, made them have to leave their home. So, Cyril, his three sisters, and their mom and dad packed up and moved far away to stay safe.

They first went to a place called Portugal for a little while, and then they moved again to a big city, London. Moving to new places was tough, but it also helped Cyril learn lots of new things and meet new friends.

Parents and siblings.

Cyril’s family is like a team. His mom comes from a sunny place called Barbados, and his dad was a smart engineer from Nigeria. Cyril isn’t an only child; he has three sisters! Imagine having three sisters to play with. They share secrets and sometimes squabble. But, they always have each other’s backs.

They all had to leave their home because of a big war, which sounds scary, but they did it together. Cyril’s family story is like a big adventure, with each person playing a special part in it.


Cyril Nri keeps his love life very private, so people know little about his wife. Cyril prefers to keep this part of his life a secret. It’s like the knights in fairy tales who don’t reveal their princesses.

Cyril Nri

What’s important is that he’s happy and loves his family a lot. Imagine having a secret that only you and your best friend know. That’s how Cyril feels about his personal life. It’s a small mystery in his big and interesting world!


Cyril Nri loves being a storyteller, not on stage and screen, but at home too! Details about his children are not shared. But it’s clear that family is very important to him. Imagine having a dad who can create amazing stories and bring characters to life.

Cyril’s home is likely filled with laughter, tales, and the warmth of shared moments. Whether it’s storytime or playtime, his role as a parent adds a lot of joy and adventure to his family life. Like it’s in his shows, Cyril knows how to make every day a little more special.

Cyril Nri physical appeal: height, weight, and it’s figure.

Cyril Nri stands tall like a basketball player at six feet! That’s as tall as some of the tallest people you might know. His weight is 84kg, but in a healthy way, because he’s strong!

Imagine if you could stack lots of small things to measure up to six feet, or hold 84 bags of sugar—that’s how big Cyril is.

Cyril Nri Before Fame

Long before Cyril Nri became famous for acting, writing, and directing, he was a little boy with big dreams. Growing up, Cyril loved to play make-believe. He pretended to be heroes from his favourite stories.

Even as a young boy, Cyril knew he wanted to share his love of stories with the world. He worked very hard in school, always practicing his reading and writing. Every day, he took a step closer to his dream, never giving up, even when things got tough.

Cyril Nri Rising Through the Ranks: Nri’s Acting Career

Cyril Nri started as a small spark in the world of acting but turned into a bright star! Like when you play a game and get better at it, Cyril had practiced acting and became amazing. He pretended to be many characters. He made people believe in those stories as if they were real.

Cyril Nri

Imagine putting on a cape and becoming a superhero. That’s what Cyril did at his job. But he wore many different outfits and played many roles. He showed up on TV and in movies, surprising everyone with how good he was at making believe. Every role was a new adventure for him!

Cyril Nri net worth and financial success.

Cyril Nri has a big piggy bank, not like the one you might have, but a big one! Imagine saving up $4 million; that’s a lot of allowance money. Cyril worked very hard in plays, movies, and writing stories to fill up his piggy bank.

It’s like if you saved every penny from chores and birthday gifts for a very, very long time. Cyril’s piggy bank got so big because he loves doing his job and is good at it. Every time he acts, writes, or directs, he adds more to his savings. It’s like a magic trick of turning hard work into treasure!

Cyril Nri Famous Reason

Cyril Nri became super famous because he can pretend to be anybody. He can be a brave hero, a wise king, or even a sneaky villain in his shows! He acts in TV shows and movies, making stories come to life like magic.

People love to watch him because he makes them feel like they’re part of an amazing adventure. When Cyril acts, it’s like he’s inviting us into a world where anything can happen.

Cyril Nri Nationality and religion.

Cyril Nri was born in a big place called Nigeria, which makes him Nigerian. But he also lives in London, which is in a country called England. So, he’s a bit like a traveler who belongs to two places!

About his religion, it’s like a special secret that only Cyril might know. People believe in different things, and it’s okay to keep some beliefs to ourselves.

Cyril Nri Legacy and Impact

Cyril Nri has made a big splash in the world of acting and storytelling. He’s like a hero to many people, showing that no matter where you come from, you can make your dreams come true. Through his movies and shows, Cyril teaches us about bravery.

He also shows us about kindness and the power of imagination. He’s like a guide, leading by example and encouraging others to follow their hearts and be the best they can be. His stories and characters have left a mark on the world, making it a more magical place. Cyril’s work reminds us all to dream big and believe in ourselves.

Cyril Nri Future Plains

Cyril Nri has big dreams for the future! like when you think about what you want to be when you grow up, Cyril is always planning exciting new adventures. He wants to act in more movies and TV shows, making even more people smile and feel happy.

Cyril also dreams of writing a book full of amazing stories that he can share with kids like you. Plus, he hopes to travel to new places, learning about different people and their stories. Cyril has bright plans for his future. They are all about spreading joy and creativity wherever he goes!


  • Cyril loves to dive into stories and learn new things from books. It’s like going on an adventure without leaving his house!
  • Chess is like a puzzle for Cyril. He thinks hard to make smart moves and tries to win the game. It’s fun and makes him think a lot!
  • Cyril enjoys making yummy food. He mixes different ingredients to create tasty dishes. It’s like being a magic potion maker in the kitchen!
  • He likes to plant seeds and watch them grow into beautiful flowers or yummy vegetables. It’s exciting to see something grow because of the care he gives it.
  • like reading, movies take Cyril on exciting adventures. He loves seeing stories come to life on the screen.

Interesting Facts About

  • Cyril was born in Nigeria, a big country in Africa.
  • He has lived in many places, like Portugal and London.
  • Cyril has three sisters. They are like his best friends from the start.
  • His mom comes from a place called Barbados, and his dad was a very smart engineer.
  • When Cyril was young, he had to move because of a big war in his home country.
  • He is very tall, as tall as six feet! Imagine six rulers stacked up, that’s how tall he is.
  • Cyril loves acting, writing stories, and directing plays and movies.
  • He has a big piggy bank because he is very good at what he does. It has $4million in it!


What does Cyril Nri do?

Cyril acts in movies and TV shows, writes cool stories, and directs plays. It’s like he’s the boss of telling stories!

Where is Cyril from?

He was born in a big place called Nigeria, but he has lived in many places, including Portugal and London.

Is Cyril tall?

Yes, he is! Imagine stacking six rulers on top of each other. That’s how tall Cyril is.

Does Cyril have any brothers or sisters?

He has three sisters. They’re a lot like his best buddies from the very start.

What are some things Cyril likes to do for fun?

He loves reading books. He enjoys playing chess. He’s skilled at making yummy food. He grows plants in his garden. He relax

How much money has Cyril saved up?

Cyril has a big piggy bank with $4 million in it because he’s good at his job.


In this story, we learned about a very special man named Cyril Nri. Cyril has done so many things! He acts, writes stories, and even directs plays and movies. Isn’t that cool? He was born far away in Nigeria but has lived in different places like Portugal and London. Cyril has a big family with three sisters and parents from two different countries.

He enjoys various activities. Reading, playing chess, and cooking are some. He also likes gardening and watching movies. He’s also very tall and has worked hard to save a lot of money. Cyril’s story shows us that with hard work and passion, you can achieve your dreams and be happy doing what you love.