Bubblebratz Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Bubblebratz is a famous actress born in the United States on February 2, 1999. She is 25 years old as of 2024, and her zodiac sign is Aquarius. With her exceptional talent and hard work, Bubblebratz has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her fans are always curious to know more about her, including her net worth  estimated to be around $300,000 , age 25 years, 161 cm tall (that’s 5 feet 3 inches!) and weighs 50 kg (that’s 110 lbs).  While she has not shared much about her life, we constantly research to learn more about her parents and siblings.

Who is Bubblebratz?

Bubblebratz pretends to be other people for her job – that means she’s an actress! For example, when you play make-believe and pretend you’re a superhero or a princess, Bubblebratz does that too, but only on TV or in movies where many people can see her. She’s known for being good at this and has made many fans who enjoy watching her.

Even though we don’t know much about her family or where she went to school, we know she loves acting and is very creative, just like you might be when you’re playing with your friends!


Real Name
Maddie May
Bubble Bratz
Model, TikTok Star, OnlyFans Star
Date of Birth
February 2, 1999
United States
United States

Real Name

We have yet to find Bubblebratz’s real name. She’s chosen “Bubblebratz” as the name by which we all know her. It’s like when you play with your friends and pick a fun nickname for yourself! Just like you might call yourself “Captain Awesome” or “Princess Sparkle” when playing make-believe, “Bubblebratz” is her memorable name for acting and when she’s on the internet. So, while we’re curious about her real name, we’re just as excited to call her Bubblebratz because that’s how she shares her talents with the world!

Early Life and Education

Bubblebratz grew up in the United States, a big country with many people and exciting things to see. Like you, she went to school as a little girl. Bubblebratz might have played with her friends at school, learned how to read and write, and discovered she loves acting. . Just think, even when she was your age, Bubblebratz was learning and having fun, getting ready for her future!

Parents and Siblings

Bubblebratz has yet to tell us about her mom or dad or if she has any brothers and sisters. Just like some people have secret treasure maps, Bubblebratz keeps information about her family a hidden treasure. Maybe she has a big family with many siblings to play games with, or perhaps she’s an only child with many imaginary friends from hear acting. Imagine having your family story as a secret – it makes her even more interesting, like a character in one of your favorite storybooks! We hope to learn more about her family adventure one day.

Bubblebratz Love And Relationships

Like in fairy tales where princesses may have princes, people are curious if Bubblebratz has someone special, like a boyfriend or a husband. But guess what? She still needs to share that part of her story with us. So for now, we can only wonder who might be the prince in her adventure, or maybe she’s enjoying her journey solo, focusing on being the best actress she can be!

Bubblebratz Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Meet Bubble Bratz, who is 161 cm tall (that’s 5 feet 3 inches!) and weighs 50 kg (that’s 110 lbs)! She’s got beautiful brown hair and enchanting blue eyes that make her stand out. But that’s not all – her figure is something to talk about, with measurements of 36-26-38 inches.

This not only adds to her physical appeal but also gives her a unique and captivating presence. So whether it’s her height, weight, hair, eyes, or figure, Bubble Bratz has the whole package. It makes her one intriguing high school personality!

Bubblebratz Before Fame

Before Bubblebratz became a star, she was just like you! Imagine playing pretend, dressing in fun costumes, and making up stories with your toys. That’s what Bubblebratz loved to do, too. She dreamed of being on TV, making people smile and laugh with her acting. She wasn’t famous yet, and not many people knew her name, but she had a big imagination and a heart full of dreams.

Every day, she worked on being the best she could be, practicing her acting skills in school plays and at home in front of her family. She believed in herself, even when just starting, dreaming of the day she could share her talent. You can reach for the stars with hard work and creativity, just like Bubblebratz did!

Career Trajectory

Bubblebratz has the most excellent job – she’s an actress! This means she gets to play pretend as part of her job, just like when you dress up and act out stories from your imagination. She might pretend to be a superhero one day and a mysterious explorer the next. Every role she plays is like a new adventure, bringing stories to life for people to enjoy on their TV screens or in movies.  She works hard to make every character believable and fun, which is a big part of why she’s become such a well-known actress.

Bubblebratz Net Worth

Talking about Bubblebratz’s net worth is like guessing how many candies are in a big jar without looking inside! Net worth means how much money someone has from doing their job, like acting for Bubblebratz. Experts estimate her total worth to be around $300,000.  We don’t know the exact number of candies—dollars—that Bubblebratz has saved up from her acting adventures. It’s a bit of a mystery, just like a hidden treasure. But we know that being an actress can sometimes help you earn lots of candies, enough to share with friends or buy fun toys!

OnlyFans And Entrepreneurial Ventures

Taking advantage of her charm, Bubble Bratz found different ways to make money. She was not satisfied with only acting. She decided to explore creating special content on OnlyFans. This website was a really good way for her to earn money. People paid to subscribe and see her private collection of photos and videos. This helped her make a steady income.

Bubble Bratz Social Media


Bubble Bratz is on Instagram. You can find them at the handle @bubblebratz0. They have a whopping 415K followers! It’s like a huge online party. People from all over follow Bubble Bratz to stay updated on the latest and coolest stuff.


Maddie May is well-known for posting content on her OnlyFans and Fansly accounts. Additionally, she’s quite active on another platform called TikTok, where she shares mostly short videos. You can find her on TikTok using the handle @maddiesplaywrld. Maddie has amassed an impressive following of over 1.1 M people. Her videos have been viewed over 14 million times!

Famous Reason

Bubblebratz became famous because she’s good at acting in movies and on TV. Imagine playing dress-up and pretend, but lots of people watch and enjoy it! She’s like a magician who transforms into different characters, making stories come alive.

People love watching her because she makes them feel all emotions, from happy to sad, just by being someone else on the screen. That’s a superpower. Being able to make people smile, laugh, or even cry just by pretending! That’s why Bubblebratz is famous – she shares her superpower of acting with the world.

Nationality And Religion

Bubblebratz is like many people you might know or meet in school. She was born in the United States, which makes her an American! Think of it like being part of a big team where everyone shares something in common, like where they were born.

As for her religion, that’s something very personal, like a favorite color or the best type of ice cream. Bubblebratz hasn’t shared this part of her life with us. Everyone believes in different things, and that’s okay! It’s what makes meeting new friends and learning about them so exciting.

Legacy and Impact

Bubblebratz is like a bright star in the sky of movies and TV shows, showing us how fun and exciting acting can be. She helps us imagine being anyone we want to be, from a fearless hero to a wise wizard. Because of her, many kids and grown-ups feel happy and inspired to dream big. We learn it’s cool to be kind, brave, and creative when we watch her.

Bubblebratz’s way of bringing stories to life reminds us that we all have unique stories inside us waiting to be told. She’s like a superhero, using her acting powers to make the world happier!

Future Plains

Bubblebratz has some exciting plans for the future, just like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. She might star in more movies or even be in a TV show where she can be a new character. Imagine being a detective one day and a space explorer the next! Bubblebratz is always dreaming big, showing us that you can do anything you want with a lot of imagination and hard work. So, let’s keep watching and cheering for her as she goes on more amazing adventures in acting!

Bubblebratz Hobbies

Bubblebratz loves doing fun things when she’s not acting! Here’s what we know:

  • She might like drawing, painting, or creating colorful pictures.
  • Playing outside or exploring new places could be exciting for her.
  • She could enjoy reading books and diving into stories different from her own.
  • Maybe she likes playing video games and going on adventures in a digital world.
  • Cooking yummy treats might be something she enjoys, as well as experimenting with flavors. 

Interesting Facts About Bubblebratz

Bubblebratz is an interesting person with many cool facts that make her unique. Here are some fun things to know:

  • She loves acting. Imagine being someone else for your job
  • Her star sign is Aquarius, which means she was born in winter. People say Aquarians are creative and friendly.
  • Even though we don’t know her real name, “Bubblebratz” is unique. It sounds like a nickname a superhero might have.
  • Since she was born in the USA, she’s an American, like many of us.
  • Bubblebratz has kept her family a secret, which is okay. Sometimes, people like to have a little privacy.
  • She’s been in the spotlight for her acting, but what movies or shows she’s been in is a bit of a mystery.


How old is Bubblebratz?

Bubblebratz is 25 years old. She celebrates her birthday on February which makes her an Aquarius!

Where was Bubblebratz born?

She was born in the United States. That means she’s American, just like you might be!

Does Bubblebratz have any brothers or sisters?

Right now, we don’t know if she has any siblings. She has yet to tell us about any brothers or sisters.

What does Bubblebratz do?

She’s an actress! That means she gets to pretend to be different people on TV or in movies, which sounds like a lot of fun.

Is Bubblebratz her real name?

We’re still determining what her real name is. Bubblebratz is what she’s known to everyone watching her act or following her on the internet.

What are some things Bubblebratz likes to do for fun?

We have yet to learn about her hobbies, but we’re curious to find out.


Bubblebratz is like a superhero in movies and TV, showing us all the cool ways we can pretend and make-believe. From guessing her favorite hobbies to wondering about her family, there’s a lot we’re curious about. But most of all, Bubblebratz teaches us that being creative and working hard can make our dreams come true, just like hers did.