Ron Fisico Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Ron Fisico

Ron Fisico is a real estate owner. Ron was born in Canada. He is also a bodybuilder and gym instructor. He has made a name for himself in the fitness industry. Born on April 29, 1975, Ron is currently 49 years old as of 2024. He is best known for being the husband of Trish Stratus, a former WWE wrestler.

Ron is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 64kg. He has always loved fitness and has amassed a net worth of $2.5 million. Despite his success, Ron remains down-to-earth and values his family above all else. Let’s take a closer look at Ron Fisico’s net worth, age, height, weight, and his life with his famous wife, Trish Stratus.

Who is Ron Fisico?

Ron Fisico is a cool guy from Canada. He loves being strong and teaches others how to be strong too. Ron married to Trish Stratus, who was a superstar in wrestling. They knew each other since they were young, like when you’re in grade school!

Ron likes to help people find nice houses because he knows a lot about real estate. He also enjoys showing people how to exercise at his gym. Ron is not about muscles; he’s a kind person who cares a lot about his family. He’s like a superhero without a cape!


Ron Fisico
April 29, 1975
Eye Colour
currently 49 years old as of 2024

Real Name

Ron Fisico’s real name is like it sounds, Ron Fisico! Sometimes, famous people change their names to sound cooler. Or, it’s because someone else famous has their name. But Ron didn’t have to do that.

Ron Fisico

He kept his name the way it was when he was born. like how your name tells people who you are, Ron’s name tells us about him too. It’s simple and easy to remember. So, when you hear “Ron Fisico,” you know exactly who someone is talking about. He’s the strong and kind guy married to Trish Stratus!

Early Life and Education

When Ron Fisico was a little boy, he lived in Ontario, Canada. like you, Ron went to school every day. He learned about numbers, letters, and lots of interesting things. Ron loved playing at recess, and that’s where he started loving sports and staying active!

He worked hard in school and made many friends. Even back then, Ron knew it was important to be kind and help others. Imagine Ron as a young student, dreaming about what he wanted to be when he grew up. like you, he had big dreams and excited to learn new things every day!

Parents and Siblings

Ron Fisico grew up in a loving family in Ontario, Canada. like you have your mommy and daddy, Ron has his parents who cared for him and watched him grow. He might have brothers or sisters, like some of you have siblings to play and argue with.

Imagine Ron as a little boy. He ran around with his siblings, having fun and sometimes getting into mischief. His family helped him become the strong and kind person he is today. They were always there for him, cheering him on at sports games and helping with homework.


Ron Fisico is not a cool guy who knows all about real estate and working out; he’s also a husband to Trish Stratus. Trish is super famous because she used to wrestle and win a lot! Ron and Trish got married in 2006, which means they have been together for a long time.

They met way back when they were in high school, which is pretty cool. Imagine your school friend becoming your family! They like to support each other and have lots of fun together. Being married means they’re a team in everything they do.

Ron Fisico Children

Ron Fisico and Trish Stratus have kids who make their family even more special. You have friends to play with. Their kids have each other and their parents. They have fun, learn, and share big smiles. Imagine playing games, having picnics, or going on adventures with your family. That’s what Ron and Trish do with their kids.

Their home filled with laughter, love, and lots of playing. It’s like having your best playmates living with you, making every day an exciting adventure. They cherish these moments, making beautiful memories together.

Ron Fisico Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Ron Fisico looks like what you would imagine a superhero to look like! He stands tall at a height that’s a little more than five rulers stacked end to end – that’s 5 feet 6 inches! He weighs as much as about 64 big bags of sugar, but don’t worry, it’s all muscles!

Ron works out a lot, which means he’s very strong and healthy. When you see him, you can tell he takes good care of himself by exercising and eating right. He’s a great example of how being active can make you look and feel awesome!

Ron Fisico Before Fame

Before Ron Fisico became famous for being strong and helping others get fit, he was a kid like you. He went to school and learned lots of cool stuff. Ron loved playing outside and was very active, always running and jumping around.

Even though he wasn’t a gym instructor or real estate owner yet, Ron always liked to help his friends and family. He known for his friendliness and constant smile. Imagine young Ron dreaming about his future while playing and having fun. He did not yet know how cool his life would become!

Ron Fisico Career Achievements

Ron Fisico has done some cool things in his job! He helps people find the perfect house as a real estate owner. Imagine playing a game where you match your friends with their dream homes. That’s what Ron does for grown-ups!

As a bodybuilder, he has shown how strong he is, even lifting weights as heavy as a big bear! He teaches people how to be fit and strong. He’s like a superhero training his sidekicks to save the day. She has worked hard and helped many people along the way.

Ron Fisico Net Worth and Financial Success

Ron Fisico has done a good job saving and making money. He did it from being a top gym instructor, helping people get their dream homes, and showing off his muscles. He has saved up to $2.5 million!

That’s like if you saved every allowance you ever got for doing chores, and then you ended up with a mountain of money! Ron uses this money to take care of his family, help others, and buy things that make them happy. He shows us that working hard and being kind can help you do well in life!

Ron Fisico Famous Reason

Ron Fisico is famous because he married to Trish Stratus, who was a star in wrestling. Imagine married to someone who everyone cheers for on TV! Trish wrestled and won lots of matches, making her very popular.

People got to know Ron because he was always by her side, supporting her. like when your friend wins a race at school, and you’re happy for them, that’s how Ron felt about Trish. Being married to Trish made more people learn about Ron and all the cool things he does too.

Ron Fisico Nationality And Religion

Ron Fisico comes from a place called Canada, making him Canadian. Canada is a big country with lots of trees, mountains, and lakes. It’s up north where it can get cold, but it’s also very beautiful. People in Canada known for being super friendly and saying “sorry” a lot.

About what Ron believes in, like if he has a special religion he follows, we don’t talk about that here. People believe in many different things, and that’s okay! What’s important is that Ron is a kind person who loves his family and helps others.

Ron Fisico Legacy and Impact

Ron Fisico is like a hero, not in his family, but to many people. He shows everyone how being fit and healthy is super cool. Because he’s strong and kind, he teaches others to be their best. Imagine if everyone tried to be as helpful and caring as Ron.

The world would be full of superheroes! Ron’s story isn’t about muscles and sports; it’s about making a big, happy family and helping friends. He helps us see that doing good and sharing smiles can make a big difference. That’s a pretty awesome way to leave a mark, isn’t it?

Ron Fisico Future Plains

Ron Fisico has big plans for the future! He wants to teach even more people how to be strong and healthy. Imagine a superhero planning to save the world, but with fitness! Ron dreams of making his gym a super fun place where families can exercise together.

He thinks about new ways to show everyone how cool and exciting working out can be. Ron also plans to find more beautiful homes for people, making sure they have the perfect place to live. He’s always thinking about how to help others and make them happy with his super skills!


  • Playing Sports: Ron likes to play many sports. He thinks playing sports is fun and keeps him strong. His favorite might be soccer because he loves running and scoring goals.

  • Working Out: Since Ron is also a gym instructor, he loves to work out. He does exercises to stay healthy and teach others how to be strong too.

  • Traveling: Ron loves to see new places with his family. He thinks it’s exciting to learn about different parts of the world and see cool things.

  • Reading: Ron enjoys reading books. He likes stories about adventures and learning new things from books.

  • Cooking: He likes to cook tasty meals for his friends and family. Cooking is a fun experiment for him. He mixes different things to make something tasty.

  • Ron does all these things when he’s not working. They make him happy and he enjoys sharing these activities with his family and friends.

Interesting Facts About Ron Fisico 

  • Ron Married a Star: Ron married to Trish Stratus, who is famous for wrestling. They are a team in real life, not on TV!

  • School Friends: Ron and Trish knew each other since they were in high school. Imagine having your best friend become your partner when you grow up!

  • Behind the Scenes: Even though Trish is the one in the spotlight, Ron supports her a lot. He’s like the superhero behind the scenes.

  • Fitness Family: Both Ron and Trish love to stay fit. They have fun workouts together!

  • Animal Lovers: They love animals and have pets at home. It’s like having a mini zoo!

  • Trish’s wrestling career has given Ron many famous friends. It’s like having superheroes for friends!

  • Adventures Together: Ron and Trish travel a lot. They go to new places and have adventures, like being explorers.

  • These are a few fun things about Ron. He does a lot more cool stuff with his family and friends!


Do you have some questions about Ron Fisico? Here are some answers that might help!

How old is Ron Fisico?

Ron is 49 years old right now!

Who is Ron Fisico married to?

Ron, who married to Trish Stratus, thinks she is cool because she used to be a famous wrestler.

What does Ron Fisico do?

Ron works with houses as a real estate owner. He helps people get fit as a gym instructor. He is also good at bodybuilding.

How tall is Ron?

Ron is about as tall as your dad might be, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall!

Does Ron have any kids?

The blog didn’t say if Ron has kids, but he and Trish love doing lots of fun stuff together.

What are some things Ron likes to do?

Ron loves playing sports. He also loves working out. Ron loves traveling to new places. He loves reading cool books. And he loves cooking yummy food.


And that’s the story of Ron Fisico, a man with many talents! He is a super dad and husband to Trish Stratus. He is also a master of bodybuilding and teaching fitness. He’s also a big fan of sports. His loves reading cool stories. He enjoys cooking yummy meals. He travels to see amazing places with his family.

Ron shows us that you can do lots of different things and be good at them if you work hard and have fun. He’s like a real-life superhero who helps people, loves his family, and always tries new adventures. Remember, no matter what you love doing, you can be awesome at it like Ron!