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Natasha Crown

Natasha Crown, a popular Serbian/Swedish model and influencer, has taken the internet by storm with her unique physique and determination to have the world’s biggest bum. Born on April 10, 1992, Natasha is currently 32 years old and has gained a massive following on social media platforms like Instagram, OnlyFans, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Standing tall at 5’10 and weighing 130 kg,

Natasha’s curvaceous figure has captured the attention of many and has made her a star in the modeling industry. Her fame and success have also brought in a hefty net worth, making her one of the most sought-after plus-sized models in the industry. With her family’s support and her determination to break beauty standards, Natasha Crown is sure to continue making waves in the years to come.

Who is Natasha Crown?

Natasha Crown is like a queen from a faraway land, called Serbia and Sweden, where she started her big adventure. She’s not just any queen, though; she’s special because she dreams of having the biggest treasure of all – the world’s biggest bum! Imagine, a treasure that no one else has! Natasha is not only about her dream; she’s also a shining star on the internet, where she shares her journey and spreads smiles across the world.

She shows everyone that being different is cool, and it’s okay to have big dreams.Natasha Crown is like a princess from a storybook but in real life. She comes from places called Serbia and Sweden, making her a part of two amazing worlds. Natasha is known for sharing her life’s colorful moments online, where she dances, cooks, and shows off her beautiful dresses.

She’s on a special quest to make her dream come true, which is having the biggest bum in the world. Natasha’s story is about being happy with who you are and sharing that joy with others. She teaches us that it’s okay to be different and to always chase your dreams.


Natasha Crown
Date of Birth
April 10, 1992
currently 32 years old
Serbia and Sweden

Real Name

Natasha Crown is what everyone calls her, like a princess from a story. But did you know? That’s not the name her parents gave her when she was born. It’s like when you play pretend and pick a special name because it sounds cool or makes you feel like a hero.

Natasha Crown

Natasha chose a name that makes her feel like a queen on her big adventure. Her real name is a secret, just like hidden treasure. It’s something special just for her and her family, kind of like how you might have a nickname that only your family uses.

The Journey Begins: Natasha Crown’s Early Life

Once upon a time, in lands called Serbia and Sweden, a little girl named Natasha started her adventure. When she was tiny, not much bigger than you, she loved playing dress-up and pretending to be a princess in her own fairy tale world.

She was always smiling, spinning around in colorful dresses, and dreaming of big, magical things. Natasha’s early life was filled with laughter, love from her family, and lots of fun times that made her heart as big as her dreams. This was just the start of her journey to becoming the queen of her story.

Parents and Siblings

In Natasha Crown’s story, she has a family, like most of us do. She grew up with her parents, who are like her king and queen in her fairy tale life. They have always been there, cheering her on as she chases her dreams.

Natasha also has siblings, kind of like princes and princesses in her adventure. They play together, share secrets, and support each other, just like in a team. Even though we don’t know their names, they’re a big part of her magical journey, helping her to become the queen of her story.


In the colorful story of Natasha Crown, there’s a page we haven’t turned yet – about her husband. Just like in fairy tales where princesses have princes, people often wonder if Natasha has found her prince. Right now, Natasha is more focused on her adventures, dancing, and sharing happiness with the world.

She hasn’t shared much about a prince or a king in her life, making this chapter of her story a mystery. Imagine it as a secret garden in her magical world, waiting to be discovered when the time is right.

Natasha Crown Children

In the storybook of Natasha Crown’s life, we don’t find any chapters about little princes or princesses just yet. That’s right, Natasha hasn’t talked about having any children, so we can imagine her castle is still waiting for the sound of tiny footsteps.

For now, she’s busy with her adventures, sharing her big dream and lots of happiness with the world. Just like in our favorite tales, every story unfolds in its own time, and Natasha’s tale is no exception. So, we’ll have to wait and see what magical turns her journey takes next!

Natasha Crown Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Natasha Crown is really tall, like a tree! She’s 5 feet and 10 inches high. Can you imagine? You’d have to look way up to see her face if you stood next to her! She also weighs as much as a small car – about 130 kilograms.

That’s because she’s working on having the biggest bum in the world. Natasha’s body is very different, and that’s okay because everyone is unique in their own way. Just like in fairy tales, where every character is special, Natasha is special with her unique figure.

Natasha Crown Before Fame

Long before Natasha Crown became famous for her big dream, she was a little girl with a big imagination. In her home lands of Serbia and Sweden, she loved to play and explore, much like the adventures you might go on with your friends.

Natasha always had a sparkle in her eye, dreaming about the future. She didn’t start out famous, but she was always special in her way of seeing the world. Like when you draw a picture or build a castle out of blocks, Natasha was building her dreams, piece by piece, with every giggle and twirl.

Natasha Crown Career

Natasha Crown is like a shining star in a big, big world where everyone watches her dance and smile. She uses cameras and the internet to share her story and dreams with people everywhere.

Natasha isn’t just about showing her big bum; she also models, acts, and helps brands shine like sparkles by being in pictures and videos. Think of her as a magical fairy who helps others see beauty in being different. Every day, she’s like a character in a fairy tale, helping us learn that being unique is truly special.

The Business Side: Natasha Crown’s Net Worth

In Natasha Crown’s magical journey, she also found treasure, not gold coins or jewels, but something called net worth. Imagine a treasure chest, but instead of gold, it’s filled with all the hard work and smiles she shares online.

Natasha’s treasure chest, or net worth, is quite big because she’s famous for her unique dream and sharing happiness with people everywhere. It’s like when you save your allowance for something special; Natasha saved her smiles and hard work, making her treasure chest grow bigger every day.

Natasha Crown Famous Reason

Natasha Crown became very famous because she has a super big dream that no one else has – she wants to have the biggest bum in the whole wide world! She shares her journey towards this dream on the internet, where lots of people can see her pictures and videos.

This made her very popular on places like Instagram and YouTube. Everyone is amazed by how unique Natasha is and how she’s working to make her dream come true. That’s how Natasha Crown became a name that lots of people know and talk about!

Natasha Crown Nationality And Religion

Natasha Crown is a special lady who comes from two wonderful places in the world – Serbia and Sweden. This makes her both Serbian and Swedish, kind of like having two homes where your heart belongs. It’s like when you’re from a city but also love the countryside.

As for religion, it’s a way people feel about the big questions, like why the sky is blue or where the stars sleep. Natasha hasn’t talked much about her religion, which is okay because everyone believes in different things. It’s like having a favorite color; not everyone picks the same one.

Natasha Crown Legacy and Impact

Natasha Crown is like a storybook character who teaches us to love what makes us special. She shows us it’s cool to be different and to dream big dreams. Natasha shares her journey and happiness with people everywhere, making the world a brighter place.

She helps us understand that being unique is something to celebrate. Just like a rainbow, Natasha adds her own beautiful colors to everything she does, inspiring others to be proud of who they are and to share their own colorful stories.

Natasha Crown Future Plains

In Natasha’s big adventure book, she has pages waiting to be filled with new stories. She dreams of traveling to even more magical places around the world, making her collection of colorful dresses and shoes grow bigger.

Natasha also wants to share more of her cooking adventures, trying recipes from far-off lands. Maybe one day, she’ll even open a restaurant! She’s always dancing towards her dreams, showing us that with a bit of sparkle and a lot of smiles, we can make our future bright and beautiful. Let’s see where her magical journey takes her next!


  • Natasha Crown loves to travel. She enjoys visiting new places and seeing different things around the world.
  • She likes to dance. Dancing helps her stay happy and healthy. It’s like playing, but with music.
  • Cooking is another hobby of Natasha’s. She tries making new dishes and tasting foods from various countries.
  • Natasha enjoys spending time taking photos. She uses her camera to capture memories and share them with friends.
  • She loves shopping, especially for colorful dresses and shoes. It’s like a treasure hunt for her, looking for the prettiest things.
  • Reading books is something Natasha does before bedtime. She loves stories that take her on adventures.
  • Lastly, Natasha likes to draw and paint. It’s her way of creating her own colorful world on paper.

Interesting Facts About Natasha Crown 

  • Natasha Crown is very tall, like a giantess from fairy tales, standing at 5’10”!
  • She weighs as much as a big panda bear, about 130 kg.
  • Natasha has a big dream – to have the world’s biggest bum.
  • She’s from two places at once! Serbia and Sweden are her homes.
  • On the internet, lots of people watch her videos and look at her pictures. She’s famous there!
  • Natasha loves colors and has many colorful dresses and shoes.
  • She takes her camera everywhere to snap pictures, just like a treasure hunter but for memories.
  • Natasha is not just about looking pretty; she loves creating tasty dishes and sharing them with friends.
  • Dancing is one of her favorite things to do. It makes her feel like she’s in a magical world with music.
  • She also enjoys drawing and painting, adding her own splash of color to the world.


Alright, little friends, let’s dive into some questions you might have about Natasha Crown!

How tall is Natasha?

Natasha is super tall, just like a princess in the stories, standing at 5 feet and 10 inches!

Does Natasha like animals?

While we haven’t talked about her furry friends, Natasha loves exploring and trying new things, so maybe she likes animals too!

What is Natasha’s favorite thing to do?

Natasha loves dancing to fun music, cooking yummy food, and taking pictures to keep memories alive!

Where is Natasha from?

She’s from two magical places! Both Serbia and Sweden. Imagine having homes in two different countries!

Why do people know Natasha?

People know her because she shares her adventures and colorful life on the internet, making everyone smile with her big dream!

Does Natasha like to read?

Yes, Natasha loves reading books, especially before bedtime. It’s like going on an adventure in her dreams!

Remember, kids, Natasha teaches us to follow our dreams and enjoy what we love doing, just like she does with her dancing, cooking, and exploring!


And there you have it, my little explorers! We’ve journeyed through the colorful world of Natasha Crown, a lady as tall as a castle tower and as daring as a knight on a quest. She shows us that dreams, no matter how big or colorful, are worth chasing. Whether she’s twirling in a dance, cooking up a storm, or capturing moments with her camera, Natasha lives her life like a vibrant painting.

Remember, like Natasha, you too can create your own adventures, make delicious discoveries in the kitchen, or dance to your own rhythm. Always believe in your dreams, and never stop exploring the wonders around you. Keep smiling, dancing, and dreaming, my brave adventurers!