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Anya Robbie

Anya Robbie is a 35-year-old woman from Australia, born in 1989. She comes from a rich family. Her father, Doug Robbie, is a sugarcane tycoon. Her mother, Sarie Kessler, is a physiotherapist. Anya has three siblings. One of them is her famous sister, Margot Robbie. Margot is an actress and producer. Anya and her siblings grew up with their mother in Currumbin Valley on the Gold Coast. They would often visit their grandparents in Dalby.

Anya is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 58kg. Her net worth estimated to be $3 million. Anya Robbie has a bright future. Her family background was successful and she has her own accomplishments.

Who is Anya Robbie?

Anya Robbie is part of a cool family in Australia. She has a mom who helps people feel better as a physiotherapist, and a dad who known for his big sugarcane farm. Anya isn’t the only kid in her family; she has brothers and sisters, and one of them is Margot Robbie, who acts in movies!

Anya grew up with lots of love from her mom and fun visits to her grandparents. She loves making art. She loves having adventures with her family and friends. Anya’s world is full of exciting things to do and learn every day.


Full Name
Anya Robbie
Senior Accountant
Date of Birth

Real Name

Anya Robbie has a pretty cool name, That’s her real name! When she was born, her parents thought hard about what to call her. They chose “Anya,” which fits her .

Anya Robbie

like your name is special to you, Anya’s name is special to her. It’s the name her family and friends use when they laugh, play, and share moments with her. Everyone’s name has a little story, and Anya’s is one of the many cool names out there in the world.

The Early Years of Anya Robbie and Education

When Anya Robbie was a little girl, she lived with her mom and siblings near the beach in Currumbin Valley. Her days filled with fun, playing outside, and making lots of friends. Anya went to school nearby, where she learned to read, write, and do all sorts of interesting things.

She loved art class the most because she could be super creative. like you, she had a favorite subject! Anya always had a big smile. She smiled most when learning something new. She also smiled when she got to share her crayons with classmates. School was an adventure for her, every single day.

Parents and Siblings

Anya Robbie has a mom named Sarie. She helps people feel better because she’s a physiotherapist. Her dad, Doug, used to work on a big farm where they grow sugarcane. Anya isn’t the only kid in her house; she has three brothers and sisters, making them a group of four kids!

One of her sisters is very famous for acting in movies – that’s Margot Robbie. After Anya’s mom and dad decided to live apart, she and her siblings lived with their mom in a pretty place by the beach. They all like to visit their grandparents and have fun together.

Anya Robbie Husband and Boyfriend

Anya Robbie keeps her heart matters like a secret treasure. It means we don’t know if she has a husband or boyfriend right now. like in stories where treasure maps lead to hidden gold, Anya’s love life is her private adventure.

And that’s okay! Everyone has stories or parts of their life they might keep for themselves or share when they feel ready. For now, Anya enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her pet dog. She fills her days with joy and fun.

Anya Robbie Children

Anya Robbie doesn’t have her own kids to talk about. Like many people around the world, she lives her life her own way. Right now, that way does not include having children. She spends a lot of her time with her family, friends, and her pet dog, enjoying every day to the fullest.

Anya loves to share her hobbies and adventures with those around her. She makes every moment special and fun. She bakes cookies and reads books. Anya fills her days with joy and many activities. They keep her smiling and happy.

Anya Robbie Physical Stats: Height and Weight

Anya Robbie stands tall like a tree in a garden, reaching up to 5 feet 6 inches into the sky. That’s almost as tall as when you stretch your arms up high, trying to touch the clouds! And she weighs 58kg, kind of like if you imagine 58 bags of sugar lined up together.

Anya Robbie

Anya’s height and weight are parts of what makes her unique, like your height and weight make you special. It’s fun to think about how we all grow in our own ways

Anya Robbie Before Fame

Before Anya Robbie became the person we’re talking about today, she was like any other kid. She loved to play in the sunshine, get her hands dirty with paint, and dream big dreams. Anya’s days filled with laughter, games, and lots of fun with her siblings. She always had a creative spark. She wanted to make something new or explore somewhere she’d never been.

Even as a little girl, Anya had a big imagination, thinking up adventures that she and her friends could go on. Every day was a new chance for discovery and play, shaping the joyful and adventurous person she is now.

Anya Robbie Career

Anya Robbie is still finding her way in the world, exploring what she loves to do the most. She hasn’t settled into one job yet, but she’s interested in many things that could turn into a career.

Anya enjoys being creative. She also likes spending time outdoors. This might lead her to work with nature or in arts and crafts one day. You might dream of being an astronaut, a teacher, or a superhero. Anya is dreaming about her future too. She knows that with hard work and a little bit of magic, she can be anything she wants to be!

Anya Robbie Net Worth

Anya Robbie has saved a lot of money from doing different jobs and being good at them. She has $3 million! Imagine all the toys and games you could buy with that.

Anya’s hard work has helped her save a lot. It shows that if you work hard and are smart with your money, you can save too. like when you save your allowance for something special, Anya has saved for her future.

Anya Robbie and Social Media

Anya Robbie likes to keep her life private. So, she doesn’t post much on sites where people share pictures and talk about what they’re doing. These are sites like Instagram and Twitter. She does not share everything online. She prefers to spend time in the real world with her family and friends.

Anya thinks it’s more fun to make memories by playing outside and trying new things. She thinks it’s more fun than posting about them online. So, if you’re looking for Anya online, remember: she’s out having an adventure!

Anya Robbie Nationality And Religion

Anya Robbie is from a beautiful place called Australia, making her Australian. Australia known for its amazing beaches, cute kangaroos, and lovely weather. It’s a place where people come from all around the world to live, making it very special and diverse.

As for religion, it’s personal. Everyone decides for themselves. Anya, like many, might have private beliefs. In Australia, people celebrate many religions. They show respect and kindness to everyone’s unique beliefs.

Anya Robbie Legacy and Impact

Anya Robbie might not be famous like her sister, Margot Robbie, but she’s making her own special mark in the world. She shows us that being kind is important. So are loving nature and having fun with art and adventures.

Anya teaches us that you don’t need to be a movie star to make a big difference. Enjoying the little things. Sharing them can make the world brighter. We all can do it. Her love for life inspires everyone around her to find joy in everyday moments and to always be curious.

Anya Robbie Future Plains

Anya Robbie dreams big about her future. She’s curious about so many things and hasn’t picked one job yet. Anya thinks about working with nature or creating beautiful art and crafts. She knows that dreaming big and working hard can help her become anything she wants.

Every day is a new chance to learn and get closer to her dreams. She loves exploring outside and making things. Anya excited for all the adventures waiting for her in the future. What do you dream about doing when you grow up?


Playing Outside: Anya loves to be outdoors. She enjoys walks in the park and playing games like tag with her friends.

Art and Crafts: She likes making things. This includes drawing pictures and coloring. She also creates fun crafts from things she finds around the house.

Reading Books: Anya loves stories. She reads books about adventures and magical worlds before bedtime.

Baking Cookies: With help from her mom, Anya bakes yummy cookies. They make different shapes and decorate them with colorful icing.

She loves animated movies. She especially loves watching them with her siblings on weekend nights.

Gardening: Anya helps her mom in the garden. They plant flowers and vegetables and watch them grow together.

Playing with Pets: Anya has a pet dog. They go for walks, and she enjoys teaching him new tricks. Each of these hobbies makes Anya’s day fun and full of adventure.

Interesting Facts About Anya Robbie 

Famous Sister: Anya’s sister, Margot Robbie, is a well-known actress. Imagine having a sister who’s in movies!

Family of Five: Anya has a big family with three siblings, which means she’s one of four kids. That’s a lot of playmates!

Animal Lover: Anya has a pet dog she loves playing with. Pets are like furry friends who are always there for you.

Adventures in the Outdoors: She loves being outside. She loves playing games and helping in the garden. It’s like having a big playground right at home.

Creative and Crafty: Making art and crafts is one of her hobbies. It’s fun to create something all by yourself.

Bookworm: Reading books is a way Anya goes on adventures without even leaving her room. Books can take you to magical places!

Baking Fan: Anya enjoys baking cookies, which means she gets to eat them too! Yummy cookies are the best treats.

Movie Nights: Watching movies, especially animated ones, is something she loves. It’s like going on a journey with the characters.

Grows Plants: Gardening with her mom lets Anya watch things grow. It’s exciting to see a tiny seed turn into a plant.


How old is Anya Robbie?

Anya will be 35 years old in 2024. That’s pretty grown-up!

Does Anya have any brothers or sisters?

Yes, she has three siblings, and one of them is Margot Robbie, who is a famous actress. Imagine having a sister who’s in movies!

What are some things Anya likes to do?

Anya loves being outdoors. Her enjoys making art, reading books, baking cookies, and watching movies. She also loves gardening and playing with her pet dog. She has lots of fun hobbies!

Who takes care of Anya?

Anya and her siblings raised by their mom, Sarie, after her parents got divorced. They live in a beautiful place called Currumbin Valley.

Is Anya tall?

Yes, Anya is 5 feet 6 inches tall. That’s taller than a lot of people!


In wrapping up our fun journey learning about Anya Robbie, we discovered lots of cool stuff. Anya is not known because of her famous sister, Margot Robbie. But, she also has her own amazing world. It is full of adventures, creativity, and love for the outdoors. She shows us how fun every day can be. You need imagination and enthusiasm. She does it by baking, reading, and playing.

Like Anya, you too can find joy in simple things around you. You can find joy in the fun of playing games and the wonder of watching plants grow. Remember, adventures are all around us, waiting to explored. So, what adventure will you go on today? Keep being curious, creative, and always ready for a new adventure, like Anya!