Vivian Ridge Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Vivian Ridge

Vivian Ridge was an essential figure in the life of famous painter and television host Bob Ross. She was his first wife and together they had a son named Steven. Vivian was a supportive and loving partner to Bob and played a significant role in his success as an artist. While not much is known about her career, Vivian’s presence in Bob’s life inspired and motivated his art. Sadly, their marriage ended in divorce after 15 years. Despite this, Vivian remained an essential part of Bob’s legacy, and their relationship’s impact can still be seen in his work today.

Who is Vivian Ridge?

Imagine having a friend who is always there to cheer you on, no matter what. That’s what Vivian Ridge did, but she did it for someone super special – Bob Ross! Vivian was Bob Ross’s first wife. They got married a long time ago, in 1965. Together, they had a son named Steven, and they were a happy little family. Vivian was critical because she supported Bob Ross, helping him become the fantastic painter many people love watching on TV. She was like the quiet hero behind the scenes, ensuring Bob and Steven had everything they needed to be happy and smiley every day.


Name: Vivian Ridge

Date of Birth: 29 Oct 1942

Age:  81 years

Height:  6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 61 kg

Net Worth:  $1 million

Early Life and Education

Vivian Ridge grew up just like you, with days filled with learning and playing. When she was a little girl, she attended school where she learned to read stories, write beautiful letters, and solve fun math puzzles. Think of your school day, with your favourite subject or the best part of recess – Vivian had those moments, too! Maybe she loved drawing or reading the most. Schools back then were a bit different, with chalkboards and not as many gadgets, but the excitement of learning new things was just the same. Vivian’s early days were about discovering the world, one lesson at a time.

parents and siblings

Talking about Vivian Ridge’s family, like her mom, dad, brothers, or sisters, is like going on a treasure hunt without a map! We only have clues about who they were or what they liked to do. Just like you have a family that loves and cares for you, Vivian had a family, too. They might have played games together, celebrated birthdays with fun parties, or enjoyed picnics in the park.

Even though we can’t tell you their names or if Vivian had brothers who were super fast at running or sisters who were great at drawing, we know that families are unique. They help us grow up happy and robust, cheering us on like Vivian cheered on Bob Ross. So, even though the details are a mystery, remember that Vivian’s family was essential to her, just like yours is to you!

Husband And Boyfriend

Vivian Ridge was exceptional because she was the first wife of Bob Ross, who is known for painting beautiful pictures on TV. Imagine having a friend who can create fantastic art right in front of your eyes – that was Bob for Vivian! They got married in 1965, like going back before you were born. Together, they had a family, including a son named Steven. Just like your parents care for you, Vivian and Bob took care of Steven and shared lots of love and fun times. Being married meant they were best friends and helped each other, just like teammates.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

How old Vivian Ridge was, how much she weighed, or how tall she stood was like trying to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar without seeing it! We have yet to determine her exact age, weight, or height. Like each of us is unique, with our exceptional looks and smiles, Vivian was excellent too. She might have been as tall as your mom or a little shorter.

Vivian Ridge

Her hair and eyes were unique in their way, just like yours! Imagine her with a kind smile that lights up a room, making everyone feel cosy and happy. That’s how Vivian Ridge might have looked, sharing her warmth and love wildly when cheering on Bob Ross or playing with her son. 

Career Vivian Ridge

We only have a few details when talking about Vivian Ridge’s job or career. We know she played a vital role at home, supporting her husband, Bob Ross, as he painted and taught others to paint on TV. You might think of a job as something where you go to a place and do tasks for money, like a doctor, a teacher, or a firefighter. But sometimes, a job can also be about helping and supporting your family to ensure everyone is happy and cared for.

Vivian did just that. She was like the team captain for her family, making sure Bob Ross had everything he needed to create his art and spread joy. Even though we can’t say she had a career like we usually think of, Vivian’s role was super important and unique.

Before fame Vivian Ridge

Before Vivian Ridge became known as Bob Ross’s wife, she was just like any other girl. She had a normal life filled with everyday adventures. Imagine playing in a park, going to school, and having fun with friends and family. Vivian lived in a time when there were no smartphones or internet, so she probably played many outdoor games and read books for entertainment.

Vivian might have gone to school, learned how to read and write, and discovered what she loved to do. Just like you have your favourite subjects in school and activities you enjoy, Vivian did too. Maybe she liked art or enjoyed helping people. The exact details of her early life are like a puzzle with missing pieces, but it’s fun to think about. Every famous person started just like you and me – as kids with dreams and a whole world to explore. So, before Vivian met Bob Ross and became part of his story, she made her own story, filled with small moments and big dreams.

Vivian Ridge Social Media Presence

Today, many people like sharing pictures and stories on the internet using social media like Instagram or Facebook. But when it comes to Vivian Ridge, finding her on these sites is like trying to find a hidden treasure without a map. It’s tough because Vivian likes to keep her life private, away from the eyes of the world. Unlike some famous folks who share their day with many followers, Vivian didn’t post selfies or snapshots of her dinner.

Instead, she preferred living in the moment, enjoying her family, and watching Bob Ross create his painting magic without the need to capture it online. So, if you’re curious about what Vivian was up to or her favourite moments, you won’t find them in online posts or tweets. She kept her life like a secret, sharing it only with those closest to her.

Vivian Ridge Net Worth and Achievements

Talking about money and the big things people have done can be tricky, especially when we don’t have all the details. For Vivian Ridge, we are still determining how much money she had, like in a piggy bank. That’s a secret, just like your secret stash of candy! And as for the big things she did, Vivian was a superstar in her own home. Vivian didn’t win big shiny trophies like you see on TV, but she did something important.

She helped make her home a happy place for her family. She cheered on Bob Ross, making him feel great as he painted those cool pictures you might have seen. So, even though we can’t say she had a lot of money or trophies, Vivian was a champion at being kind and making her family smile. And that’s pretty awesome.

Vivian Ridge Legacy and Impact

Vivian Ridge might not have painted pictures like Bob Ross, but she played a significant role in his life. Think of her as a cheerleader, always cheering Bob on as he painted those happy little trees. Because of her support, Bob felt delighted and could make many beautiful paintings. Even though we don’t see Vivian in the spotlight, she helped make Bob Ross’s painting show a comfortable place for everyone.

Her love for family and being kind allowed Bob to share his joy of painting with the world. Like a hidden hero in a storybook, Vivian’s support was a secret ingredient to Bob’s success. So, when we watch Bob Ross make magic on canvas, we can also remember Vivian and her quiet, important role. She helped spread happiness like a sunny day that grows flowers.

Nationality Real name and Religion

Vivian Ridge is a name that might sound like it’s from a storybook, but it’s her real name. Vivian was born in the United States, making her American, just like apple pie or the Fourth of July! Her full name is Vivian Ridge, but people close to her might have had unique nicknames for her, just like you might have a nickname that your friends or family call you. When it comes to Religion, that’s a mystery.

Not everyone talks about their Religion, and that’s okay! It’s like having a favourite colour or book; it’s personal and unique to each person. Vivian and Bob Ross shared many happy moments together, and while we know a bit about Bob’s love for painting, some things, like Vivian’s religious beliefs, are personal and not widely known.


  • Watching Bob paint was super cool to her. She thought it was like magic! 
  • Walking outside and seeing trees and animals made her very happy.
  • Listening to music was exceptional. It made her feel calm and joyful.
  • She had fun playing games with Steven, her son. They laughed a lot together.
  • Cooking yummy food for her family was another way she showed her love.
  • Reading books took her on adventures without leaving the house. It was exciting!

Favorite Thing

  • She enjoyed watching Bob Ross paint. It was like magic watching him turn a blank canvas into beautiful scenery.
  • Going for walks in nature was also a big favourite. The trees, flowers, and animals made her happy.
  • Vivian loved to listen to music. It made her feel calm and joyful.
  • Playing games with her son Steven was fun. They laughed and had a good time together.
  • She also liked cooking yummy meals for her family. It was a way to show her love.
  • Lastly, Vivian found joy in reading books. It was like going on an adventure without leaving home. Each of these things brought smiles and happiness to Vivian’s days.

Interesting Facts About

  •  Together, Vivian and Bob had a son named Steven. Steven also loves painting, just like his dad!
  • Bob Ross could paint very fast because of a unique trick called the “wet-on-wet” technique. It’s like making a super quick sandwich but with paint!
  • Vivian was there when Bob became a TV star, helping people feel happy and relaxed with his painting show. 
  • Although Vivian and Bob are not in the spotlight now, many still remember their story and the beautiful art Bob created.
  • Vivian has a very private life, and not much is known about her hobbies or favourite things, making her a bit of a mystery.


Who is Vivian Ridge?

Vivian Ridge is someone special because she was married to Bob Ross, who could paint amazing pictures fast!

Did Vivian Ridge paint too?

The story doesn’t tell us if she painted, but she loved watching Bob Ross create beautiful paintings.

How many kids did Vivian and Bob have?

They had one son, and his name was Steven. Guess what? He likes painting like his dad!

Was Vivian Ridge on TV?

Nope, Vivian wasn’t on TV, but she supported Bob Ross as he became a star with his painting show.

What did Vivian like to do for fun?

She loved spending time with her family, watching Bob paint, going on nature walks, listening to music, playing games, cooking, and reading books. 


She was an extraordinary, particular person married to a talented painter named Bob Ross. Vivian didn’t paintdidn’t like Bob, but she was super important because she helped Bob feel happy and supported so he could create beautiful paintings. They had a son named Steven, who loved to paint, just like his dad. Vivian liked to do many fun things, like spending time with her family, enjoying nature, and reading books.

Even though we might not know much about her, like her favourite colour or what she liked to eat for breakfast, she made Bob Ross and their son Steven very happy. Vivian shows us that being kind and supporting the people we love is a fantastic thing to do. Isn’t it that everyone has their own story? Thanks, Vivian, for being part of Bob Ross’s storyRoss’sall the happiness you helped spread!