Sunetra Sastry Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024.

Sunetra Sastry

Sunetra Sastry is a talented makeup artist from England. She worked on the iconic comedy show ‘Black Adder.” Born on January 9, 1957, Sunetra is currently 67 years old. Her father is Indian, and her mother is English, making her an Indo-Anglican. Sunetra rose to fame for her makeup skills. She was also the first wife of the famous comedian Rowan Atkinson, known as Mr. Bean. She has been a part of Atkinson’s life for many years, and their marriage ended in 2015. Sunetra’s net worth is $15 million. Her weight is 55 Kg and her height is 5 feet 5 inches. People are eager for her family information. In this blog post, we will explore all that and more.

Who is Sunetra Sastry?

Sunetra Sastry is amazing. She knows how to make people look great on TV and in movies with her makeup. She was born in England and has a dad from India and a mom from England, which makes her unique mix of two places. Sunetra became more famous because she married a funny man. His name is Rowan Atkinson, and he plays Mr. Bean. That’s what Sunetra can do! She’s good at turning actors into the characters we love to watch. Sunetra is super talented with makeup. She is also a mom and loves gardening and painting.


Real Name: Sunetra Sastry

Other Names: Sunetra, Sunetra Atkinson

Birth Date: January 9, 1957

Weight: 55 Kg

Net Worth: $15 million

Height: 5 Feet 5 inches

Nationality: American

Early Life and Education

When Sunetra Sastry was a little girl, she lived in England. Her life was remarkable because her dad was from India, and her mom was from England. This mix made her home full of different stories, foods, and traditions from two parts of the world.

As a young girl, Sunetra was curious and loved to explore. She enjoyed playing outside and found the colors and textures around her fascinating. These early years were like a beautiful painting. Love and learning filled them. They helped Sunetra grow into the talented makeup artist she is today.

Parents and Siblings

Sunetra Sastry’s family is like a beautiful mix of two worlds. Her dad came from India, a faraway country with many spices and colorful festivals. Her mom is from England, with giant castles and rainy weather. This mix made Sunetra’s home a particular place full of stories from both countries. Sunetra may have brothers or sisters. But, growing up in a house with such a unique blend of cultures must have been fun. It was like having daily adventures!

The Story Behind Sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson’s Marriage

Sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson met . It was like a fairy tale, but instead of a castle, it happened on the set of a TV show. Sunetra was working her magic with makeup, making everyone look amazing.

Sunetra Sastry

Rowan was there, being super funny, making everyone laugh as usual. They both felt like they belonged together. They decided to marry and share their lives, creating many happy memories. It’s like they found their happy ending in the real world.


Sunetra Sastry and Rowan Atkinson have two wonderful kids. Their children brought even more joy and laughter into their home. Like their mom and dad, they grew up surrounded by love and creativity. Having a famous dad like Mr. Bean might seem unusual, but for them, it’s part of their family life. Sunetra loves being a mom and shares her love for Gardening and painting with her kids. They enjoy fun activities together. These activities strengthen their family bond. Happy moments fill them.

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Sunetra Sastry was born on January 9, 1957, long ago. This makes her 67 years old! I do not know her exact height or weight. They are private. People only sometimes share them. And that’s okay! We do know that Sunetra has a lovely smile that she shows when she’s happy.

She takes good care of herself and has a warm presence that makes people comfortable around her. Sunetra has dark hair. It might be like the beautiful, rich colors found in India. Sunterra’s net worth is $15 million. Her weight is 55 Kg. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches. People seek her family information. We will explore all that and more in this blog post.. When you see pictures of her, you can tell she has spent a lot of time making others look great for TV and movies. And, she knows how to shine in her own way, too.

Sunetra Sastry Before Fame

Before Sunetra Sastry became known for her makeup skills and marrying Mr. Bean, she was a regular girl. She grew up in England. She loved colors and playing outside, showing her early interest in creativity. Imagine Sunetra as a child exploring the world. She learns from her parents’ different cultures.

She wasn’t a famous makeup artist or known for being with Mr. Bean. Instead, she was learning and growing, getting ready for her big adventures in life. Like you, she had dreams and fun times that helped her become who she is today.

Sunetra Sastry Career

Sunetra Sastry loved colors and making things look pretty from when she was young. As she got older, she decided to help people look their best on TV and in movies. So, she learned how to be a makeup artist. She got good at it, and soon, she was working on a funny TV show called ‘Black Adder.’ This show was top-rated, and many people laughed at the comic characters.

Sunetra helped make those characters look right, which is an important job. Working on ‘Black Adder’ made her well-known as a makeup artist. She used brushes, paints, and powders, like an artist uses to make a painting, but she made faces on canvas. Her journey shows that if you love doing something and work hard, you can become good. You can also make a difference in what you love to do.

Sunetra Sastry Contributions to the Makeup Industry

Sunetra Sastry makes people look their best for TV shows and movies. With her makeup tools, she can turn someone into almost anyone else, like a wizard with a magic wand! Sunetra worked on a hilarious show called ‘Black Adder.’ There, she made characters look perfect for their roles. Her work helps actors feel right so they can make us laugh and enjoy the show. She’s like an artist. But, she uses makeup on faces instead of paint on a canvas. This is to create something special for all to see.

Net Worth and Achievements

Sunetra Sastry is good at keeping her life private. So, we are still finding out how much money she has. But she was a talented makeup artist. She worked on big TV shows like ‘Black Adder.’ So, she did quite well. Sunetra enjoys simple pleasures like Gardening, painting, and spending time with her family. Her lifestyle seems cozy and full of love for the little things in life. Sunetra Sastry of Net Worth $15 million aournd. She shows us that you don’t need to tell everyone about your money to have a happy and fulfilling life.

Sunetra Sastry Social Media

Sunetra Sastry is not a big fan of posting on social media like Instagram or Twitter. Unlike many famous people, she keeps her life away from the internet’s eyes. This means you won’t find her sharing many pictures or stories online. She enjoys her privacy and holds memorable moments for her family and close friends. So, you might find little if you want to follow her on social media. But remember, this helps her enjoy real-life moments more. They are away from screens and clicks.

Sunetra Sastry  Future Plans

Sunetra Sastry has touched many lives with her art. She showed everyone how makeup can turn TV shows and movies into magical places. There, actors become beloved characters. She worked behind the scenes. But, her talent made the funny and exciting worlds we love come alive. Sunetra also showed that being kind and helping others is essential.

Her work and life teach us that doing what we love and caring for people can create a lasting sparkle. This is like the sparkle her makeup creates for characters on screen.

Legacy and Impact

Sunetra Sastry has many dreams for her future. She might plan to work on more fun TV shows or movies, helping actors look right with her makeup magic. she’ll spend more time planting even more beautiful flowers in her garden.

Sunetra could also think about painting bright pictures. She could also cook new, tasty recipes for her family. Whatever she decides, her future will be full of creativity, love, and adventure. She always finds new ways to make the world around her more beautiful and joyful.


Reading Books: Sunetra loves to curl up with a good book. Whether it’s a fairy tale or a story about adventures in far-off lands, she loves to get lost in the pages of a book.

Cooking is something Sunetra enjoys. She likes trying new recipes and cooking delicious meals for her family. She likes mixing different spices to see what tasty dish she can create next.

Traveling: Exploring new places and learning about different cultures is exciting for Sunetra. She loves to travel and see the wonders of the world.

Watching Movies: Sunetra likes to watch movies on a cozy evening. She enjoys all sorts of movies, especially comedies that make her laugh.

Painting: Sunetra finds painting very relaxing. She loves playing with colors and expressing her feelings through her artwork.

Interesting Facts About

Loves to Help: She cares about helping others. Sunetra has worked with charities to make the world a better place.

Met on Set: Sunetra met Rowan Atkinson while working on a TV show. It’s like a fairy tale meeting in the world of make-believe!

Behind the Scenes: We don’t see her on TV. But, Sunetra is super talented at making actors look their best with her makeup skills.

Mom of Two: She is a loving mom to two kids. Being a parent is a big and important job!

Gardener at Heart: Sunetra loves gardening. Imagine her growing colorful flowers and tasty vegetables in her backyard.

Private Person: Unlike Mr. Bean, Sunetra keeps her life private. It’s like she has her secret garden.


Who is Sunetra Sastry?

Sunetra is a very talented lady who makes actors look amazing on TV and in movies with her makeup skills. Rowan Atkinson, the funny guy who plays Mr. Bean, was once married to her.

How did Sunetra Sastry become famous?

Sunetra became known because of her excellent work as a makeup artist. She also gained fame for marrying a famous comedian, Mr. Bean!

Do Sunetra and Rowan Atkinson have kids?

Yes, they have two kids! Being a parent is a big part of Sunetra’s life.

What does Sunetra Sastry like to do for fun?

She loves gardening, painting, cooking, reading books, watching movies, and traveling. She finds joy in doing these things, and they make her very happy.


Sunetra Sastry is an incredible person who has done many great things. She knows how to make actors look their best for TV and movies. She is a super-talented makeup artist. Plus, she married Mr. Bean! That’s right, the funny guy who makes everyone laugh. Sunetra also loves doing fun things like Gardening, painting, and cooking.

She’s a mom to two kids and cares about improving the world by helping others. Sunetra likes to keep her life private. But, we’ve learned that she is very creative. She enjoys making her home and garden beautiful. It’s great to learn about someone who does so much behind the scenes and has such a big heart.