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June Baranco

June Baranco is a well-known American artist and celebrity. She is also known as June Baranco Gumbel. She was born on June 22, 1948, making her 75 years old as of 2024. June has gained recognition for her artistic talents. She has also gained recognition. It is for being the wife of TV journalist Bryant Gumbel. She currently resides in the United States with her two children. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 58kg. With a successful career and a supportive family by her side, June has achieved a net worth of $2 million. Let’s learn more about this talented artist and her inspiring journey through life.

Who is June Baranco?

June Baranco is a very talented lady who makes beautiful art. She loves to draw and paint, filling her pictures with bright colours and happy scenes. June was born a long time ago, in 1948, which makes her an older person with lots of stories to tell.

She married to Bryant Gumbel, a famous man who talks on TV. Together, they have two children whom they love very much. June enjoys living in the USA, where she creates her art and spends time with her family and friends. She known for her kindness and her unique ability to make the world around her more colourful.


June Baranco
75 years old as of 2024
Date of birth
June 22, 1948
Famous as
Ex-wife of Bryant Gumbel

Real Name

June Baranco’s real name is unique. It’s not a secret, like in fairy tales, where characters have magical names, June’s name also has its magic.

She didn’t always go by June Baranco Gumbel. That name came later when she married her husband, Bryant. When people talk about the great June Baranco, they’re talking about a lady whose name means a lot. It’s a name filled with stories, art, and a whole lot of love. Isn’t that interesting?

A Glimpse Into June Baran Co’s Early Years

When June was a little girl, she loved to play outside and make art. She would draw pictures in the dirt with sticks or paint with watercolours on big sheets of paper. Even back then, June knew she loved to create beautiful things.

She lived in a house filled with love, where her family would tell stories and laugh together. This is where June’s journey with art and creativity started. She was always curious. She asked many questions and dreamed big dreams about what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Parents and Siblings

June Baranco grew up in a home filled with laughter and love. She has a mom and a dad who cared for her very much. They always encouraged her to be creative and to follow her dreams, especially when it came to her art.

June also has brothers and sisters, but whether she has many or a few, they too were part of her fun and colourful world. Together, they played games, shared stories, and made their home a happy place. June’s family helped her become the kind and talented person she is today.

Husband and Boyfriend

June Baranco married to a man named Bryant Gumbel. Bryant is someone who many people know because he talks on TV and tells stories from around the world. He and June are like a team, always supporting each other. Bryant loves June’s art and thinks she’s very talented. Together, they have a family and share many happy moments.

June Baranco

June and Bryant’s love is like a beautiful story. It shows us that being kind and caring improves everything. They teach us that with love and support, we can create a wonderful world around us, like in the best fairy tales.


June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel have two wonderful kids. like in any family, their children bring them lots of joy and laughter. June and Bryant love to do fun things together as a family, like going on adventures or spending time at home.

Their children also love June’s art, and sometimes, they even paint together! It’s like their family has its unique art club. These two kids make June’s life happier. They fill her days with smiles and fun.

June Baran Physicality: Height and Weight

June Baranco is a lady who stands tall, like a sunflower in a garden. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. That’s taller than your mom or dad! June also weighs 58kg, which is like carrying a big suitcase full of your favourite toys and books.

imagine how strong she must be! Her height and weight help her do all the things she loves, like painting big pictures and going on long walks. Isn’t it amazing how everyone’s different sizes let them enjoy their favourite activities?

June Baranco Before Fame

June Baranco became known for her art and as Bryant Gumbel’s wife. But, long before that, she was a little girl with big dreams. June loved to play outside, drawing and painting whatever she saw in nature.

She always had a colourful imagination, filling pages with her ideas and dreams. Even as a young girl, June knew she wanted to make the world brighter with her art. She didn’t have a lot of fancy paints or brushes back then, but that didn’t stop her. She used whatever she could find around her to create her first masterpieces.

June Baranco Career

June Baranco is very talented at making art. She loves to paint pictures and create beautiful things. People know her as an artist because she makes art that everyone enjoys looking at.

June uses her imagination to make her art unique, and many people admire what she creates. She didn’t become famous like that; it took a lot of hard work and love for her art. Being an artist is June’s job, and she is good at it. She shows us that if you love doing something, you can turn it into your career.

An Overview of June Baran Co’s Net Worth

June Baranco has saved and earned a lot of money from her beautiful paintings. People love her art so much that they pay her to have one. Because she’s been painting for a long time and is good at it, June has managed to make $2 million.

This is a lot like having a vast piggy bank filled with lots of coins and bills. She uses some of this money to buy more paint and things she needs for her art. She also uses it to help take care of her family and to have fun with them.

June Baranco Nationality And Religion

June Baranco is from a prominent place called the United States, which means she is American. This is where she makes her art, lives with her family, and celebrates fun holidays. Like some people love certain foods or have favorite colors. People also have different beliefs.

June Baranco

June’s beliefs and what she thinks about big questions in life, like many people’s, are personal to her. This means it’s something she holds in her heart. Everyone has a unique way of thinking about the world, and that’s okay. It makes us all unique, like different pieces in a puzzle.

June Baranco Legacy and Impact

June Baranco is like a bright star in the art world and her family’s life. She makes beautiful art that makes people happy when they see it. June also teaches us that being kind and creative is very important.

Her love for art and her family shows everyone something important. It shows that doing what you love and being with people you care about can make a big difference. June’s story helps us see that we can all improve the world with our talents and love. She does this with her paintings and her big heart.

June Baranco Future Plains

June Baranco has big dreams for her future. She plans to keep making beautiful art. She will paint more pictures that bring joy to others. June also wants to teach kids how to paint, sharing her love for art with them. She thinks it would be fun to have art classes. Children can learn to make their colorful creations.

Plus, June hopes to travel to new places and find new inspiration for her paintings. She believes that exploring the world will help her create even more fantastic art. June’s future filled with bright colours and happy days of painting and sharing.


  • Painting: June loves to paint. She uses bright colors. She uses them to make pictures of flowers and animals. Sometimes, she makes pictures of places she visits.

  • Gardening: She enjoys gardening. June has a small garden where she grows her vegetables and pretty flowers. She likes to plant new seeds and watch them grow.

  • Reading: June likes to read books. She enjoys stories about adventures and magical worlds. Reading helps her relax and learn new things.

  • Walking: Going for walks is something June often does. She walks in the park or by the sea. Walking makes her feel happy and healthy.

  • Cooking: June loves cooking. She tries new recipes and makes tasty meals for her family. Cooking is fun for her, especially baking cookies and cakes.

  • Listening to Music: Music is important to June. She listens to many kinds of music but enjoys calming and happy songs the most.

  • Crafting: Making crafts is another hobby of June’s. She creates beautiful things from paper, fabric, and other materials. Crafting lets her use her imagination.

Interesting Facts About June Baranco

  • Birthday Party: June has a birthday on June 22. She loves to celebrate with cake and fun games.

  • Favorite Animal: June loves dogs. She thinks they are friendly and fun to play with.

  • Art: June makes beautiful art. She paints pictures that make people smile.

  • Family Time: Spending time with her family is significant to June. They often have picnics and go on trips.

  • Color Love: Her favourite colour is blue. It reminds her of the sky and the sea.

  • Bookworm: June loves reading stories about faraway lands and exciting adventures.

  • Garden Magic: In her garden, June grows flowers and veggies. She likes to see them grow from tiny seeds.

  • Music: June enjoys listening to music that makes her happy and wants to dance.

  • Sweet Treats: She loves baking cookies and cakes. They are her favourite things to make and eat.

  • Nature Walks: Walking outside, in parks or by the sea, is something June does to feel happy and calm.


What does June do?

June is an artist who loves to create beautiful paintings.

Who is in June’s family?

June has a husband named Bryant, and they have two children together. They share lots of fun times!

How tall is June?

She stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall. That’s like stacking three and a half medium-sized dogs on top of each other!

What are June’s favourite things to do?

June loves painting and gardening. She also loves reading, walking, and cooking tasty foods. She enjoys listening to music and making crafts.

When is June’s birthday?

Her birthday is on June 22. She enjoys celebrating with cake and fun games! Remember, it’s cool to learn about people and what makes them unique. June Baranco is interesting. She makes art and loves her family. She has many hobbies that keep her happy.


June is not an artist. She is also a loving wife, mom, and person who enjoys simple pleasures. These include painting, gardening, and baking. She celebrates life every day and especially loves her birthday on June 22. June’s life teaches us to find joy in creativity, nature, and spending time with those we love.

Her story is a beautiful reminder. Happiness is in the colors we paint our days with and the moments we share with our family. June Baranco shows us that being kind, creative, and loving can make a big difference. It can impact our lives and the lives of those around us. Remember, every day is a chance to make something beautiful, like June does with her art and her life.