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Ilham Vuilloud

Ilham Vuilloud is a wonderful woman born November 30, 1975, in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is currently 48 years old, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Ilham is a Swiss television presenter and former model. She is best known for being the wife of Swiss pro tennis player Stan Wawrinka. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 58kg, with a body measurement of 36-26-37. Ilham comes from a loving family with a nantestimated net. Despite her success, she remains down-to-earth and kind-hearted. Ilham is an inspiration to many. She continues to shine in her personal and professional life.

Who is Ilham Vuilloud?

Ilham Vuilloud is a lady who lives in Switzerland. Switzerland known for its beautiful mountains and yummy chocolate. She’s famous because she’s on TV often, talking to people and sharing stories. Imagine being on TV where everyone can see you! That must be pretty cool. Before she was on TV, she was a model. Models get to dress up in fancy clothes and have their pictures taken.

Ilham is also known because she’s married to a man who plays tennis well, Stan Wawrinka. Like you might have a hobby, Ilham loves doing fun things, like cooking and painting. She creates art and cooks tasty food, which sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, she enjoys playing tennis because it’s a fun way to run around and stay healthy. Imagine getting to do all these fun activities every day!


Date of Birth:
November 30, 1975
48 years old as of 2024
Place of birth:

Early Life and Background of Ilham Vuilloud

Ilham Vuilloud grew up in a pretty city called Lausanne, Switzerland. Mountains and lakes surrounded the city. As a little girl, she lived with her family, who loved her. Ilham was always smiling and had a big imagination.

She dressed in fancy clothes and pretended she was in a magical world. This might be why she loved modeling later on. Growing up, Ilham also liked talking to people and telling stories. This helped her become a great TV presenter. She had a happy childhood filled with lots of love and fun adventures.

Parents and Siblings

Ilham Vuilloud grew up in a wonderful family in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has a mom and dad who love her very much. They always encouraged her to follow her dreams, whether becoming a model or talking on TV. Ilham might have brothers or sisters, but we don’t know much about them.

Like you, her family helped her become the kind, talented person she is today. Imagine having a family that supports you in everything you do, like Ilham’s family did for her. It’s nice to know that families come in all shapes and sizes. They support each other in their own way.

Husband and Boyfriend

Ilham Vuilloud married to a famous tennis player named Stan Wawrinka. They met long ago and married because they liked each other a lot. Stan plays tennis well, and many people know who he is because of his great skills in the game.

Ilham Vuilloud

Being married means they were a team, like when you have a best friend you do everything with. They were very close and had many fun times. But, sometimes they find they are better friends. Like any story, there are happy moments and learning ones, too.


Ilham Vuilloud and Stan Wawrinka have a child together. Their child is a big part of their life, bringing them joy and happiness. Like all parents, Ilham and Stan love their children. They also enjoy spending time together as a family.

They do fun activities, go on adventures, and make wonderful memories. Having a child means there’s always laughter, love, and chaos in the house. It’s like having a best friend who is always there to play and learn new things. Being a parent is a special adventure all on its own.

Ilham Vuilloud Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Ilham Vuilloud is a 48 years old as of 2024. who is as tall as a little more than five big rulers stacked on each other, which means she is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs about 58 bags of sugar, one for each kilogram.

Looking at her, you will notice she is pretty fit and strong, like some superheroes you see on TV. She has a smile that lights up the room and dresses in a way that makes her look nice and elegant. Plus, she always looks happy and ready to have fun or talk to people on TV.

Ilham Vuilloud Before Fame

Before she was famous, Ilham Vuilloud was like any other girl. She grew up in a beautiful place called Lausanne. It is in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains and lakes. Even as a young girl, Ilham loved dressing up and imagining she was part of wonderful stories.

She enjoyed talking to people and was always curious about the world around her. Her journey to becoming a TV presenter and model started with these simple joys. Ilham loves storytelling. She also loves meeting new people. These things helped her find her path to the spotlight.

Ilham Vuilloud Career

Ilham Vuilloud has a pretty cool job! She is a television presenter, so she gets to be on TV and talk to many people. Imagine seeing yourself on a big screen. You share interesting stories with everyone watching at home.

Before she was on TV, Ilham was a model. She got to wear fancy clothes and pose for pictures. Her job sounds like a lot of fun because she gets to meet new people and share exciting things with them. Being on TV and modeling are two big parts of Ilham’s career that make her days super interesting!

Ilham Vuilloud Journey in the Modelling Industry

Ilham Vuilloud was once a model before she became famous on TV. Imagine dressing up in the most beautiful clothes and having your picture taken. That’s what Ilham did! She got to wear sparkly dresses and stand in front of cameras, smiling and posing. Being a model is like playing dress-up but for a job. People saw her pictures in magazines and on posters. It sounds like a dream.

Ilham traveled to many places for modeling work. She met many new people and saw pretty things. Even though she loved modeling, Ilham found another dream of talking to people on TV. But her time as a model was like a fairy tale full of beautiful clothes and exciting adventures.

The Financial Aspect: Ilham Vuilloud’s Net Worth

Imagine you have a big piggy bank. Every time you do something cool, like being on TV or modeling, you get more coins for it. That’s like what Ilham Vuilloud did. She worked as a TV presenter and model, and by doing her job well, she saved up a lot of coins.

Now, her piggy bank is so full that it’s worth about $4 million! That’s a lot of money, like having a mountain of toys or an endless supply of ice cream. It shows that Ilham worked hard and was very good at her job.

Ilham Vuilloud Legacy and Impact

Ilham Vuilloud is like a bright star on TV and in fashion. She shows everyone that you can do many things if you want to. Ilham is on TV and models. She inspires many people, especially girls, to follow their dreams. They can do this by talking to a camera, walking on a runway, or painting. Her story tells us that it’s okay to be curious and try new things. It makes her a role model for how to succeed and live a fun life.

Ilham Vuilloud Future Plains

Ilham Vuilloud dreams about tomorrow with sparkling eyes full of wonder. She’s thinking about all the fun TV shows she can host, sharing even more stories with everyone. she’ll travel to exciting places, finding new adventures to talk about.

And, of course, she wants to keep painting, making her world colorful and bright. Ilham looks forward to playing tennis, laughing, and running under the sun. She imagines cooking up delicious treats that make everyone smile. Every day is a chance for Ilham to find something magical. It’s like turning the page to discover what happens next in a storybook adventure.


  •  Ilham loves to watch movies. She enjoys different kinds, from funny cartoons to exciting adventure films.

  • She likes to read books. Her favorite stories are about faraway places and magical adventures.

  • Cooking is one of her hobbies too. Ilham enjoys making yummy treats and trying new recipes.

  • She also spends time painting. She creates colorful pictures of things she sees or imagines with her paints.

  • Playing tennis is something Ilham enjoys. It’s fun and helps her stay active. She sometimes plays with friends or family.

  • Traveling is a big hobby of hers. Ilham loves to explore new places and learn about different cultures.

  • Listening to music makes her happy. She listens to many kinds of music and loves to dance along.

Interesting Facts About Ilham Vuilloud

  •  Ilham was born in a beautiful city called Lausanne in Switzerland. It’s known for its lovely views.

  • She shares her birthday with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. People say Sagittarius folks are adventurous!

  • Before becoming a TV presenter, Ilham was a model. That means she got to wear lots of fancy clothes and take pictures.

  • She married to Stan Wawrinka, a famous tennis player. Imagine having a tennis star in the family!

  • Ilham is not about being on TV; she loves doing fun things like painting and cooking yummy food.

  • She also enjoys playing tennis, which is cool because her husband is a tennis champion.

  • Traveling is a big part of her life. She loves exploring new places and learning about different cultures.

  • Ilham is a big fan of music and dancing. It’s fun to imagine her dancing around the house to her favorite songs.

  • Reading books about magical places is something she loves. It’s like going on an adventure without leaving home.


Do you have questions about Ilham Vuilloud? Here are some answers that might help!

Who is Ilham Vuilloud?

She’s a TV presenter from Switzerland who used to be a model. She’s also known because she’s married to a famous tennis player, Stan Wawrinka.

How tall is Ilham?

She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, which is average for grown-ups!

Does Ilham have any hobbies?

She loves watching movies and reading books. She also enjoys cooking, painting, playing tennis, traveling, and listening to music.

Is Ilham a mom?

This section didn’t talk about it, so it’s a bit of a mystery.

What does Ilham like to read about?

She loves stories about magical places and adventures. It’s like she goes on journeys without leaving her house!

Does Ilham play tennis because of her husband?

She enjoys playing tennis, but it doesn’t say if her husband taught her. It’s cool that they both like tennis, though! Remember, learning about different people and what they enjoy doing is fun. You may have some hobbies in common with Ilham!


So, we’ve learned a lot about Ilham Vuilloud! She’s not a TV presenter or a model; she also enjoys many fun activities. Ilham loves to stay busy. She likes to try new things. She likes painting, cooking, tennis, and traveling.

Plus, married to a tennis star must be pretty exciting! Remember, like Ilham, it’s cool to have lots of different hobbies and interests. They make life more fun and can help us learn new things. So, why try out something new today? You might find something you love as Ilham did with all her hobbies. Keep exploring and having adventures, like she does!