Griffin Guess Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki.

Griffin Guess

Griffin Guess is a successful entrepreneur. He is a music producer who has made a name in entertainment. He was born on September 8, 1979, in San Diego, California. Griffin is best known for being the husband of supermodel and actress Marisa Miller. Griffin is 5’9″ tall and weighs 70 kg. He has an impressive figure with measurements of 32-26-32 inches.

His features are striking. They include grey eyes and brown hair. They have made him stand out in showbiz. Griffin has a company called Cartel Management and Cartel Records. He also owns Titans of Mavericks. He has amassed a net worth of $8 million. Despite his success, he is a dedicated family man. This makes him a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and music producers.

Who is Griffin Guess?

Griffin Guess is very talented. He loves making music and helping people show their talents to the world. He was born in a sunny place called San Diego, California. Imagine being good at creating songs and also being someone who can help others become stars. That’s what Griffin does! He has companies with big teams. He and his friends work on music and run cool events. The events include big wave surfing competitions.

Griffin isn’t about work, though. He also has a big heart for his family. He loves to do fun things like surfing, reading, and going on adventures. He’s like a superhero without a cape, using his powers to make music and bring joy to people’s lives.

Early Life and Education

When Griffin Guess was a little boy, he grew up in a sunny place called San Diego, a big city in California. Imagine living where you can go to the beach almost every day! As a kid, Griffin loved playing outside. He even made up his own music tunes and dreamed about big waves. Griffin went to classes like you when it was time for school. He learned to read and write and even considered making music or producing shows.

We don’t know all about his school. But, he liked creative projects, working with friends, and learning. You like doing art or reading stories in class. Griffin may have discovered his love for music and helping others shine in school. It’s cool to think about how, even when you’re young, you can start dreaming about what you want to do when you grow up. That’s what Griffin did!

Parents and Siblings

Imagine you have a special team at home who loves you a lot. That’s what Griffin Guess has, too! His team includes his mom and dad, plus any brothers and sisters he might have. Like your family, they share many fun times, playing games or going on little adventures.

We don’t know their names or what they do, but we can imagine they’re proud of Griffin. They watched him grow up, like your family watches you. They might have danced to music with him, cheered for him at games, or helped him with homework. Families are there to support each other, laugh together, and make great memories. Griffin’s family did that, helping him become the awesome person he is today.

Wife and Girlfriend

Griffin Guess married to Marisa Miller, who is a supermodel. Imagine someone who gets to dress up in fancy clothes and take pictures for magazines. That’s what Marisa does! She is also an actress, so she gets to pretend to be different characters in movies and TV shows.

Griffin and Marisa are like a team that goes on life’s adventures together. They support and care for each other, making their bond super special. It’s like having your best friend with you all the time to share all the fun and exciting moments life offers.

Griffin Guess Children

Griffin Guess and Marisa Miller have brought little bundles of joy into the world. They are their children! It’s like in a family. Love grows, and happiness spreads when kids arrive. Their home filled with laughter and fun. Imagine playing hide and seek, drawing colorful pictures, or reading bedtime stories. Griffin and Marisa enjoy these adventures with their little ones.

Each day is a new adventure, whether exploring the outdoors or spending time together at home. It’s all about making memories that will last a lifetime. Griffin’s heart is not in music and business. It’s also with his family. He shows his kids the beauty of the world.

Griffin Guess Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Griffin Guess is a grown-up man, born on September 8, 1979, which makes him much older than you! He is not super tall, but not short either – he’s 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s way taller than you right now, but you’ll be that tall one day, too! Griffin weighs about 70 kg, like if you tried to pick up 70 bags of sugar !

Griffin Guess

That sounds super heavy. Griffin has cool gray eyes. You might find eyes like his on a superhero in your favorite cartoons. His hair is brown, like tree branches. Picture him as an actor. Griffin could be in movies or your favorite shows. He looks interesting and fits well. He takes care of himself, and it shows!

Griffin Guess The Rise of an Entrepreneur

Griffin Guess started as a person who loved music and had big dreams. like when you play with building blocks and imagine making something huge. He began building his dream one piece at a time. First, he thought about all the music and shows he loved. Then, he decided to make his music and help other talented people share their gifts with the world. Imagine if you could help your friends be stars in a talent show;

that’s what Griffin did for many artists! He created companies. They are like big teams. They make music and plan fun events. It wasn’t always easy, but Griffin kept learning and trying, like when you learned to ride a bike. Sometimes, you might fall, but get back up and keep going. That’s how Griffin became a successful entrepreneur. He turned his love for music and adventures into a career where he could help others shine, too. He shows us that we can make our dreams come true with imagination and hard work.

Griffin Guess Career

Griffin Guess started with a big dream to make music and help others shine in the spotlight. He built companies like Cartel Management and Cartel Records. He worked with talented people to create amazing music and shows.

Imagine being the boss of a team that makes fun events and cool songs for everyone to enjoy! Griffin also helps run Titans of Mavericks. It is a big surfing event where surfers ride giant waves. It’s like organizing a huge party on the water! She helps make the world more fun and exciting by doing what he loves.

Griffin Guess Net Worth and Financial Success

Griffin Guess has done well for himself by making smart choices in business and music. Think of it like when you save up your allowance to buy something big. Griffin has been saving and earning on a much bigger scale!

Griffin has gathered a treasure chest through his hard work. He has worked with music, events, and helping other talented people. It is worth 8 million dollars. Imagine having a huge pile of pirate treasure; that’s what Griffin’s success looks like! He uses his skills and creativity to keep growing his treasure every day.

The Legacy of Griffin Guess

Griffin Guess is like a superhero in the world of music and adventures. He’s built a magical playground. Artists can share their music there. Big-wave surfers can show their bravery. Griffin’s work is like planting seeds. They grow into beautiful gardens of songs and thrilling sports events.

These gardens make the world happier and full of music and exciting adventures. His story teaches us: you can make something that makes everyone smile. They’ll love it because of what you do and lots of hard work. She is making wonderful memories for people all around the world.

Griffin Guess Future Plains

Griffin Guess has big dreams for the future, like when you imagine what you want to be when you grow up. He wants to make more music that people worldwide can listen to and enjoy. Imagine songs that make you want to dance or feel happy when you hear them. That’s what Griffin wants to create! He also plans to help even more artists and surfers show their amazing talents to everyone.

It’s like being a team captain, guiding everyone to do their best. Plus, Griffin wants to spend lots of time having fun adventures with his family. They will explore new places and make great memories together. Think of it as going on treasure hunts where the treasure is the fun times you have with the people you love. Griffin’s future is to make more music. He will help others and enjoy life with his family.


Surfing: Griffin loves to ride the waves. It’s like skateboarding on the water!

Music: He enjoys making music. It’s like painting, but with sounds.

Reading: Griffin finds reading fun. Books are like treasure chests for your brain.

Hiking: Walking in nature is one of his favorites. It’s like an adventure in the great outdoors.

Photography: Taking pictures lets Griffin capture memories. It’s like freezing time with a camera.

Traveling: Exploring new places is exciting for him. It’s like going on a treasure hunt around the world.

Cooking: Griffin likes to cook meals. It’s like being a scientist in the kitchen.

Interesting Facts About Griffin Guess

Loves the Ocean: Griffin enjoys spending time at the beach and surfing on the waves.

Married a Supermodel: He married to Marisa Miller, who is famous for being a supermodel.

Griffin owns cool companies. They work with music, sports, and talent management.

Likes to be Creative: Making music and taking pictures are ways he likes to share his creative side.

Adventurous Eater: He enjoys cooking and trying new foods worldwide.

Book Worm: Griffin loves to read books, find new stories, and learn new things.

Nature Lover: He enjoys hiking outdoors and exploring nature’s beauty.

Travels for Treasure: Traveling to new places is like going on a treasure hunt for him.


How old is Griffin Guess?

He was born on September 8, 1979. You can count how many years old he is from there!

Who is Griffin married to?

He married to Marisa Miller, who known for being a supermodel.

What does Griffin Guess do?

Griffin is super busy! He makes music, helps manage talented people, and even runs some companies.

Does Griffin Guess have any kids?

Yes, he does! But we didn’t talk about them here. He loves them a lot!

What are Griffin’s hobbies?

Griffin loves surfing. He also loves making music, reading, hiking, taking pictures, traveling, and cooking. He’s always up for an adventure!

Is Griffin Guess tall?

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. That’s like stacking about nine and a half skateboards on each other! Remember, Griffin Guess is creative. He loves making music and being with his family.


In the end, Griffin Guess is a super interesting guy! He loves the beach and catching waves while surfing. Griffin is not smart but also very creative. He makes music and enjoys sharing his art with the world. Plus, he’s married to a supermodel, Marisa Miller, and they have a lovely family. Griffin has many hobbies. He likes to read, hike, take photos, travel, and cook.

He shows us that being curious and learning new things is fun. And remember, he runs companies that help people share their talents with the world. Griffin Guess teaches us it’s cool to follow your dreams and work hard. What an inspiring story!