Breckie Hill Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Family, Bio/Wiki 2024

Breckie Hill

Breckie Hill is a 21-year-old social media star who has taken the world by storm with her TikTok videos. Breckie was born on April 18, 2003, in Los Angeles, CA. She rose to fame with her modeling and lip sync videos. They won the hearts of over 3.4 million followers and 133.8 million likes.

She is 5’5″ tall and weighs 110 lbs. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. They match her vibrant personality. She hasn’t shared much about her family. But, Breckie has mentioned having a younger sister. Her sister also has a TikTok account. With her rising popularity, Breckie Hill’s net worth estimated to be around $500,000.

Who is Breckie Hill?

Breckie Hill is someone who loves to share her fun times on TikTok. Imagine dancing in your living room, but lots of people watch and like it. That’s what she does! Breckie makes cool videos where she dances and pretends to sing songs. She started doing this when she was younger and now, many people know who she is.

Imagine having a big box of crayons. Breckie uses her videos like colors to make everyone’s day brighter. She doesn’t talk much about her family, but she has a little sister who likes making videos too, like Breckie.


Breckie Hill
21 years old
Date of Birth
April 18, 2003
Los Angeles, CA

Real Name

Breckie Hill’s real name is actually Breckie Hill! Yes, that’s right. The name you hear everyone calling her, the name you see on all her TikTok videos, that’s her real name. It’s the same name her mom and dad gave her when she was born.

Sometimes, internet users might use different names. But, Breckie likes to keep it simple and real, like her. So, when you hear “Breckie Hill,” you know who everyone is talking about. She’s the fun girl from TikTok who loves to dance and make videos!

Breckie Hill

Early Life and Education

When Breckie Hill was a little girl, like you, she lived in Los Angeles with her family. She always loved playing dress-up and dancing to her favorite music. She did this even before she started making TikTok videos. Breckie went to school in her hometown, where she made lots of friends by being kind and sharing her big smile.

She liked learning. She especially liked when her teachers talked about art and music. Those were her favorite things. Breckie also loved doing fun projects. She showed her creative side. This helped her become the great video maker she is today!

Parents and Siblings

Breckie Hill has a family like you do! She has a mom and dad, but she keeps their names a secret because she likes to keep some things private. What’s cool is that Breckie isn’t the only one in her family who loves making videos.

She has a younger sister who enjoys making TikTok videos too. They must have a lot of fun together, sharing tips on how to make cool videos and dancing together. Imagine having a sister or brother who also loves doing the same fun activities as you. That’s how it is for Breckie and her sister!


Breckie Hill likes to keep some parts of her life for herself, and one of those parts is about if she has a boyfriend. It’s like how some kids might have a secret friend. They only tell their best friend about it. Breckie might have a special someone, but she hasn’t told everyone about it.

It’s like when you have a secret treasure box, and inside it are things only you know about. So, if Breckie has a boyfriend, she’s keeping it as her little secret treasure for now.

Breckie Hill Physical Appeal: Height, Weight, and Figure

Breckie Hill is not talented; she also looks like she could be in fairy tales! She’s as tall as five stacks of big storybooks, which is about 5’5″. If you tried to weigh a big bunch of apples, they might weigh the same as her, which is 110 lbs.

Breckie has blonde hair that shines like the sun and dark brown eyes that are as deep as a forest. She’s the kind of person you might draw if you were imagining a princess or a superhero in one of your stories.

Breckie Hill Before Fame

Before Breckie Hill became famous on TikTok, she was like any other kid. She loved to play, dance, and have fun with her friends and family. Breckie always enjoyed making people smile, even before she had a camera to record her dances.

She used to imagine herself in music videos, dancing and singing along to her favorite tunes. Every day was a new chance for Breckie to be creative, whether she was in her room or in the backyard. She didn’t know it then, but these fun times were the beginning of her journey to becoming a TikTok star.

Breckie Hill Career

Breckie Hill started sharing her fun dances and lip-sync videos on TikTok. It’s like a magical stage where everyone can see you from their homes. By being herself and having a great time, she became a star that lots of people love to watch.

Imagine turning on your favorite music. You dance around and make people worldwide smile and dance too! That’s what Breckie does. She’s like a happiness spreader. She uses her phone to send rays of joy. She sends fun dances to everyone who watches her videos.

Breckie Hill Estimated Net Worth in 2024

In 2024, Breckie Hill has a treasure chest that’s worth about $500,000! Imagine having a huge piggy bank filled with lots and lots of coins and dollar bills. That’s what Breckie’s treasure chest looks like. She’s worked so hard to make fun videos that everyone loves to watch.

She dances, lip-syncs, and shares her adventures on TikTok, which has helped her fill up her big piggy bank. It’s not about the money. It’s about doing something she loves and making people happy. That’s the best treasure of all!

Breckie Hill Famous Reason

Breckie Hill became famous. She loves to share her dance moves and pretend singing videos on TikTok. She picks popular songs that lots of people like and dances to them in a fun way. When other people see her videos, they think, “Wow, she’s having so much fun!

I want to dance too!” So, they start following her to see all the new dances she does. That’s how more and more people started to know about Breckie and like her videos. It’s like when you share your favorite toy with friends, and they all want to play too!

Breckie Hill Nationality And Religion

Breckie Hill is from a big city called Los Angeles, which is in a place called California. That means she’s American, like people you might know who live in the United States. People in America come from many places. They believe in many things.

Breckie hasn’t talked much about what she believes in, like if she has a certain religion. It’s like when you have a favorite color or ice cream flavor, but you don’t tell everyone. So, we know she’s American, but what she believes in is her own special secret.

Breckie Hill Social Media

Breckie Hill loves to share her fun dances and happy moments online. She uses TikTok, a place on the internet where you can post short videos. Imagine a magical book where every page shows a new dance or a fun game; that’s what Breckie’s TikTok is like!

She also might use other places on the internet to talk to friends and share pictures. Breckie’s videos are like tiny, joyful adventures that you can watch on a phone or computer. Everyone who watches her videos gets to see her smiling face and fun dances!

Breckie Hill Legacy and Impact

Breckie Hill is like a superhero of happiness on TikTok. She shows everyone that it’s fun to dance and be yourself. Because of Breckie, lots of kids and grown-ups smile and dance every day. She teaches us that sharing joy is a superpower we all can have.

By being kind and having fun, we make the world brighter. Breckie’s videos are like small seeds of joy. They grow into big gardens of happiness in people’s hearts. She shows us how one person’s happiness can spread all over the world, making it a happier place for everyone.

Breckie Hill Future Plains

Breckie Hill has big dreams for her future. They are like when you imagine becoming an astronaut or a superhero. She wants to keep making her fun TikTok videos, because they make so many people happy.

Breckie also thinks about being in movies or on TV, so even more people can see her smile and feel joyful. She dreams of traveling to new places, even where you live, to learn new dances and share them with everyone. Breckie wants to spread happiness everywhere she goes. She’s like a sunshine fairy who leaves a trail of sparkles and joy.


  • Breckie loves dancing. She often dances to her favorite songs and shares these dances with her TikTok followers.

  • She enjoys singing, even for fun. Sometimes, she sings along to popular songs on TikTok.

  • Breckie likes making videos. She uses her phone to capture fun moments and share them online.

  • She’s interested in fashion. Breckie tries on different outfits and shows them off in her videos.

  • Drawing is another hobby of hers. She likes to draw pictures of animals and flowers.

  • Breckie spends time playing with her younger sister. They like to play games and do TikTok challenges together.

  • She loves spending time outdoors, going for walks, and exploring new places.

Interesting Facts About Breckie Hill 

  • Breckie became famous on TikTok, a fun app where you can share short videos.

  • She has a big number of people following her on TikTok because they like watching her videos.

  • Breckie has a younger sister who also likes to make TikTok videos, like her.

  • She is good at dancing and often dances in her videos.

  • Breckie enjoys trying on different clothes and showing her style to her followers.

  • She has lovely blonde hair and dark brown eyes, which many people think are pretty.

  • Breckie has many people who like her videos – over 133.8 million likes!

  • She likes to draw, sing, and play games with her sister in her free time.

  • Breckie loves being outside, whether she’s going for a walk or exploring new places.


Do you have questions about Breckie Hill? Let’s see if we can answer some of them!

How old is Breckie Hill?

She’s 21 years old as of 2024.

Does Breckie have any siblings?

Yes, she has a younger sister who makes TikTok videos too!

What does Breckie like to do for fun?

Breckie loves dancing, singing, making videos, drawing, and spending time with her sister. She also enjoys being outside and exploring new places.

Is Breckie famous?

Yes, Breckie is famous on TikTok! She has a lot of people who love watching her videos.

What does Breckie look like?

She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Remember, Breckie is a person like you and me, but she shares her fun moments on TikTok for everyone to see. She loves doing many things that you might enjoy too!


So, we talked a lot about Breckie Hill, didn’t we? She’s a super cool girl who makes fun videos and dances on TikTok. Breckie loves to sing, dance, and hang out with her sister too. Lots of people like watching her because she’s good at making her followers smile.

Remember, Breckie is like anyone else. She enjoys sharing her happy moments with everyone. If you ever watch her videos, you might find yourself dancing along! Thanks for learning about Breckie Hill with me. Isn’t it amazing how someone can spread so much joy?